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How do you convert a Telugu sentense into English?

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How do you convert Telugu sentence into Tamil or English?

its meaning is transferred into Tamil and English.

How do you Convert Label to Telugu?

You can go to the link below and type your text in english; it will be converted to telugu. http://www.iit.edu/~laksvij/language/telugu.html

How do you convert Telugu sentences into English?

u shud learn telugu :) n then do it on ur on like "nenu ninnu premistunnanu" = "i luv u" OR use GOOGLE TRANSLATE

What is the meaning of Telugu word manchi in English?

Manchi in Telugu means good in English.

Marathi caste jeeremali convert into Telugu caste?

just i want to kanow the meaning of marathi caste jeeremali and convert this language int Telugu language and show the exact caste name to this in Telugu

How do you convert Telugu?

simple to google translate

How do you use prominent in a sentense?

Winston Churchill was a prominent English politician.

What is meaning of Telugu word the chata in english?

whats meanig telugu chata in english

What has the author Charles Philip Brown written?

Charles Philip Brown has written: 'A dictionary, English and Telugu, explaining the English idioms and phrases in Telugu, with the pronunciation of English words' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, English language, Telugu 'A dictionary of the mixed dialects, and foreign words Arabic, Hindustani, & C. used in Telugu with an explanation of the Telugu alphabet' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Telugu language 'English-Telugu Dictionary' 'Carnatic Chronology: The Hindu and Mahomedan Methods of Reckoning Time Explained; with Essays on ..'

What is the word shrimp when translated from English to Telugu?

Shrmnp is రొయ్య చేప in Telugu

How to say I love you in telugu?

The English words "I love you" are translated into Telugu as "as'salu".

Thambhi in Tamil convert in Telugu language meaning?

tammudu (brother) is the Telugu meaning for Thambhi Tamil word

You want to convertknow the meaning of a Telugu line in English what should you do?

if u want any tranlation for any word or sentence , from Telugu to English u can ask in ammas.com in Telugu-English catogory. u can get answers from many advisors there.

What is the English word for Telugu word avalinthalu?

'yawns'(noun, plural) is the English word for the Telugu word avalinthalu ఆవలింతలు.yawn (noun, singular) is avalintha ఆవలింత in Telugu.

How do you spell sentense?

"Sentence" is the proper spelling of "sentense."

English to Telugu?

kalonji telugu meaning

What do you call horse in Telugu?

The word that means "horse" in Telugu is "gurramu." The sound a horse makes is "neigh, neigh" in Telugu, which is the same as English.

What is meaning of bus in Telugu?

Same as that of English

What is the meaning of Telugu word cheemidi mukku in English?

what is the telugu word chimidi meaning in english

What does chellam mean in Telugu?

chellam is Tamil pet name, like darling in English , priyamaina in Telugu

What is the meaning of thangachi in Telugu?

Thangachi or Tangai : In English:- Sister, In Telugu:- Chellelu (By T.S.G.R RAO)

How do you call yekkadam Telugu word in English?

the word yekkadam in english is climb

What is the meaning of chattam in English?

For Telugu word CHATTAM means LAW in english

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