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Q: How do you convert a cast stove pellet stove into a cast iron wood burning stove?
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Can you convert a cast iron wood burning stove into a pellet burning stove?

Not realistically. The firebox on a pellet stove is about the size of a coffee cup, and has a feed mechanism to drop one or two pellets at a time in the firebox, and a blower to direct a continuous stream of air through the firebox.

How does one go about cleaning a cast iron wood burning stove?

Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves are a classical and popular method of baking. You can clean this type of stove by using a sponge to get the dust off, and then hosing the stove with water, and then soft brushing it.

Taiwan Wood stove model 260?

I need the specks on a wood burning cast Iron stove. On the back it has 24"Tawian parlor stove. On a plate the number 21183

How did people in the 1700's cook their food?

With a cast-iron wood-burning cook stove.

How do you remove the rust from a cast iron wood burning stove?

Scrub it with a wire brush and steel wool.

How old is king stove and range co model 40a?

When was a King Stove & Range Co 40A Potbelly Stove produced & what is it's value? On the front door it has SUN cast in the door. I have been told it is a Coal Burning stove. Is that correct?

How do you remove the rust from a cast-iron wood-burning stove?

An easy trick for cleaning the outside of a wood stove is to rub bacon grease on it with a piece of newspaper. This works for removing rust and just generally making your wood stove look newer.

How much does a cast iron wood burning stove cost?

The prices for purchasing a cast iron wood burning stove range from approximately $200 for a simple model to over $4,000 for a modern design including a blower. Given the size and weight of this type of product, shipping would likely add several hundred dollars to the initial cost.

Can gas logs be placed inside a cast iron wood burning stove?

Not a good idea. Different heat, combustion air requirements. Dangerous.

How about wood burning stove value?

Depends on the stove, age, and condition. Sort of like asking the value of a car- a LOT more information is needed. A cheap steel stove may be $100. An airtight soapstove stone may be closer to $1000. A cast iron kitchen range in excellent condition could be $1500.

Why do they use cast iron to make stove?

Cast iron is not used today to make a stove.

How did cooking utensils evolve with the advent of the gas burning stove?

Because of the gas stove, cooking utensils evolved from wood to heavy cast iron and tin, to lightweight aluminum, tempered glass, and ceramic. By the 1920s gas ranges were made of white porcelain enamel

Who made cast iron gas stove model 828-655?

Jordan Mott was the one who invented the cast iron stove it was call a baseburner. The stove had ventilation to burn coal it was made of heavy cast iron.

How do you clean the outside of a wood-burning stove?

For normal cleaning of a cast iron stove, I would use stove black and follow the instructions. Stove black is available online or at hardware stores. If the stove is enameled, I would clean with a small amount of soap and water, and wipe with a sponge to remove soap residue. If the stove has something on it, such as paint, melted plastic, or such, then you have a problem that really requires some thought and consideration for what the mess is. I would try to avoid the use of sand paper on a cast iron stove. Dry sanding will put iron dust into the air. I would also avoid the use of most oils, unless they are specifically recommended for wood stoves.

How much is an antique coal stove worth?

a wincroft cast iron stove

Where was the cast iron stove invented?

The cast iron stove was invented in 1732 by genevive Washington in London, England

You are looking for information about a cast iron stove model Diana 880?

im looking for information on a Diana 880 model cast iron stove.

How much is a royal ranger cast iron stove worth?

How much is a royal ranger stove worth

Who invented the stove?

The cast-iron stove was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1742.Ben Frankin.

Cast iron wood stove h s c is stamp on castiron parts of stove what do it stand for?

for get it

How much does a cast iron crown wood stove weigh?


What is your King 628 cast iron stove worth?


Regurgitate remains of an owls meal is?

A pellet or cast, known by either name.

How do you install an electric cook top into an antique cast iron stove?

i need info on how to conect the wirin ,on an electric cook stove. the wires on the stove are red green and black

Who created the cast-iron stove?

The first manufactured cast-iron stove, which was essentially an iron box, was produced in Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1642. Benjamin Franklin improved this design in 1744.