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How do you convert a storage shed to a playhouse?

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2007-05-23 09:40:12

This seem to be an interior-Design-related Question. I suppose

the most easy way ( which does not involve too much work and money

) will be possibly the following: 1 : Empty the space and repaint

the place, or wallpaper it. Light or bright colour would be good

that i think, like pale pink, pale yellow or light orange (if u

like u can have bright colours but they are not good for long time

use- to both eyes and brain and well-being- coz its too

stimulating) 2 use light weight furniture ( means don't put

anything that is made of matel or any hard stone or wtever that

seems tooo heavy by just looking at it) Plastic chair and table or

even shelves would do and . 3 Change the light globe ( if it gives

off blue light ) warm lighting is very important for creating the

mood and style for a playroom, so perhaps don't use any cold-colour

light. even some other colour light is good. And if there's not

window, try to place some kids or funky table lights to give more

light and life to the place. 4 Place mat or rug if there( and i

assumme ) no carpet on the floor. again light colour would be very

good for a play room. Just dun use white coz its veyr likely to be

ruined by kids very soon. 5 Door: A door is quite unnessisary for a

play room if u want it to have a open view or easy to supervise.

Otherwise just repaint the door into something bright and nice (

any colour u like which hopefully match the colour inside) 6 Sand

bags are very good to make a place to feel easy and playful.

Cuision , little short chairs ...etc will do a very good job for a

playroom. 7 In addition u may want to put a little radio or a music

player to give the playroom more life and mood! um... So far i can

only think of these. Hope i am answering something relavant:)

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