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That is a hard question and not the easiest thing to deal with, esspecially if your friend thinks it is their fault or that things are not that bad. Talk to them let them hear your concerns. Be adult about it, and avoid making them feel like you are just bashing on the significant other, they can retaliate. Sometimes you can suggest that you watch a movie involving some of the things they are going through. Enough with Jennifer Lopez is a good one. That can help them see it from another persons perspective as being a bystandard and not the one with all the emotional blindness.Make sure you are also understanding, by being demanding that they listen never helps, and the more upset you get twards them the more they are going to defend the other person. Remember you can't make them, but maybe by you coming forward it will give them someone to lean on during the separation. Just to know someone is there to listen can change everything.

You cant convince them. Give her Lundy Bancrofts book, "Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men." Let her read the book in peace. Dont grill her or tell her she "should" anything. Let her gather her own strength and make up her own mind. Tell her her positive qualities and encourage her to make the right decision but do NOT try and control the outcome. Shes had enough control. She will appreciate any advice from you more if you are supportive and not bossy or talking down to her. Best wishes.

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Q: How do you convince a friend to leave an abusive relationship?
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How do you safely leave an abusive relationship?

Move to Italy in the night

Should i leave my abusive partner?

If a friend were in your situation, what would you advise?

Is your boyfriend abusive?

Many BFs, or boyfriends, are not abusive. If a boyfriend is abusive, the girl should leave the relationship and file charges. Do not keep going back to an abuser.

What are abusive relationships?

Well, refer to the name, a relationship, that involves abuse. It can be towards the male or female, if you are in an abusive relationship, leave the person and/or call the police or abuse hotline..idk it though

What should you do if you are the witness of an abusive relationship?

try to get help for that person but do it in steps if you think the person may be harmed if they leave the abusive person. call help lines for abused people. get help before it is to late. something may happen that can't be reversed. i have a friend that was in a abusive relationship and her boyfriend almost killed her so please help that person before it is to late. i beg you

How do you convince a girl to go into relationship with even though she express her likeness for you but not a relationship?

Just leave her be if she just wants to be friends.

Why do women stay in a abusive relationship?

They're afraid of what they're husbands/boyfriends will do to them or their friends/family if they leave.

What is the percentage of women who leave an abusive relationship and never return?

The rate of return is high, considering how few women in the situation manage to leave.

If you really are confused how can you decide once and for all to leave an abusive relationship?

If you are in an abusive relationship you really must leave. Do you have a friend who could give you moral support at this very difficult time? Get the help of community services. They are funded by donors & by taxes. Women's services, First call for help, etc. They are experts in the field, and they have the answers you need. Every police officer has these phone numbers. You can ask an officer for a phone number.

How do you handle and abusive relationship?

Leave. Just leave. No one deserves to be abused by someone, especially someone they care about. You need to leave them before the abuse gets worse.

How should you get your friend to leave her abusive boyfriend?

Hi, I understand your concern for your friend. Unfortunately, until she is ready to leave, there is not much that you can do. Women in abusive relationships often return to their abuser more than once after they have left. Pray for your friend. Offer to take her to counseling. Offer to take her to a domestic violence shelter. She is going to need a good friend to be there...she's lucky to have you.

How do you safely get out of a relationship?

If it is abusive, call the police. If not, then just say, "I'm breaking up with you," and leave. He or she will not track you down.

When should a woman leave her obsessive controlling verbally and mentally abusive husband?

Immediately. Reach out to a close friend or relative for help, and leave as soon as you can.

How do you leave an abusive boyfriend?

You have to want to get out of the abusive situation.

Is it ok to start a new relationship right away after just getting out of not one but two abusive relationships?

As long as you are willing to leave your baggage out of the new relationship.

What can you do if your friend doesn't like your other friends?

Try to convince your friend that your other friend is your friend too . So you cant just leave them or abandon them . Tell him or her that your other friend too , has feelings .

If a man is in an abusive relationship and he knows he has something great on the side why won't he leave?

I'm not sure. Maybe he is afraid to be lonely.

Can I get financial help to leave a state to get away from an abusive relationship?

Your best recource is the YWCA and local women's shelters.

What to do in a abusive relationship with someone you love?

Seek help! Abuse emotionally& physically is harmful to a persons well being. First talk to a friend or close relative, seek counseling then decide whether to work on the relationship or leave. Think of you first, love is Never suppose to hurt!!

Your wife has A friend that is very attractive but she wants to be A man hater she really needs A date how can you convince her?

Leave any of this to your wife and her friend - its best that you do not get involved.

What do you do when the girl you like is in a relationship?

Leave her to enjoy her relationship in peace, without interference. If possible, remain her friend.

How do you convince a girl that she's not too young for a relationship?

if you have to convince a girl shes to young for a relationship, you might as well leave her because she is to young for a relationship. a girl knows whens shes ready and she'll tell you. or you could show her you dick juust like liam cotttle

How do you get the mental courage to leave an abusive relationship?

just tell your self that u need to leave and that you want to leave and as you say it every day you will get the mental courage to leave i swear on it that you will... iv tryed it so many times!!!!!

If a mother is in an abusive relationship has 2 kids can she leave the state without getting in trouble?

No! She needs to go to women's shelter and to court.

Leaving as way to gain control in a abusive relationship?

Answer Leaving to gain control in an abusive relationship won't help you much. You will never gain control over a person who is mentally sick by leaving him or her. This person needs help and either you stand by them while they get professional help or you leave because you feel it's the thing to do. Don't leave for all the wrong reasons and later regret your move, if you have children and this person won't go for help, then leave as fast as you can because your children will eventually be affected by your choice to stay in an abusive relationship. Good luck