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How do you cope when your partner has admitted cheating on you?

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2007-07-04 17:57:08

If your partner has never cheated on you before and you've

generally gotten along long before this then it would be to your

best interest (only if you love them) to sit down and communicate

with them and ask why they felt they needed to cheat. Only from

their answer will you know whether you should stay with this person

or leave. Always remember that humans aren't perfect and make

mistakes and a couple can work out their problems if they are

usually in the habit of cheating. Forgiving the person is the

easiest part, but it will be difficult to trust them for a long

while and you are either going to have to decide how much you love

this person; are they worth working on the relationship and getting

through this rough time or does this person appear dishonest and

sneaky most of the time and you feel more unsettled around them and

unhappy than you feel happy around. This is the time when you


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