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This is strictly arm-chair Psychology and there could be other reasons this person is the way they are. Usually when people act this way there can be many reasons: depression, pre-menopausal, menopausal (50's plus); problems at home or they are power hungry and use it to their best advantage. I was stunned to learn while I was working that some employers actually love these types of people because they see it as a person that is climbing the ladder, doesn't patronize with other co-workers and thus has their nose to grind-stone.

Be smart. Ask the person out for coffee or a drink. You probably think I'm on Crack, but I did this once. I had worked with a girl that drove me crazy and was meaner than a rattle snake on a cold day. I asked her out for a drink after work. Well, I was stunned to see how many problems this woman had. In a calm voice I did give her a little advice and told her that she couldn't keep up this behavior or there would be complaints from others to the boss. She did seek help for her problems and she was was a totally different person at work. If you try this method and she refuses to go out for a drink with you then it's time to go into her boss and tell him/her you have tried in earnest to get along with this person, but they are so miserable they are distracting and it's affecting your work. If nothing is done about this person then start looking for another job (take your time of course) and tell NO ONE you are looking for work. In Canada a letter has to be given to an employee as a warning and they have 2 chances and 3 strikes you're out! I am not sure how this applies in the U.S.

Just to make you feel a little better ... I went for my drivers license 5 years ago and got this woman from hell! I was pleasant to her, but she was so miserable and really went at me. Out loudly she said, "How much do you weigh?" (she did it on purpose.) I had to giggle because two things I have no problems with is telling the truth about my age or weight. She had shouted it out so loud that other people began to notice and without blinking an eye I raised my voice and said "Mmmm, let me think here .... about 30 lbs. less than you!" She was caught off guard and although her demeanour didn't change she was brisk in filling out the paperwork, taking my picture and I was gone! Now the kicker to this story was I went back after another 5 years and got the same woman!!! What are my chances. LOL I was prepared! She SMILED at me and lo and behold she remembered me and leaned over and said exactly this, "I owe you the greatest apology. I am so sorry I was so mean to you when you came in before. I am now on hormone replacement for my menopause and feel great!" She even went the extra round to be sure she got a good picture of me for my driver's license. Thank heavens because I looked like a deranged monkey in the other photo. LOL The reason I told you this story is although it's not right to take your private life out on others we are only human and, sometimes one can. I go by rule of thumb and know there is a reason some people can be miserable and unhappy and sometimes I try to make them laugh or, if shopping I'll say, "Bad day? Seems to be a lot of that going on lately." Before I know it over 3/4 of these people are practically telling me their life's story or at least get a good giggle out of our conversation. So, before you condemn this person try asking them out for a drink or even lunch and see what's up. It may just work.

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Are there any similarities in Antisocial Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder?

Antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder can both cause impulsive behavior.

How do you translate Borderline Personality Disorder into Farsi?

borderline disorder

What is boardarline personality disorder?

It's borderline personality disorder.

What is the difference between a borderline personality disorder and a personality disorder?

Borderline personality disorder is a specific personality disorder. A personality disorder is a set of traits and long held, often inflexible, beliefs which tends to interfere with "normal" functioning in society. There are different types of personality disorders. Borderline personality disorder is one of many specific classifications of personality disorders.

Best medication for anger with borderline personality disorder?

Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder have intense, unstable close adults with this disorder have highly changeable moods and intense anger, treatments are partially effective for Borderline Personality Disorder.

What is the difference between personality disorder and boarderline personlity disorder?

Borderline personality disorder is one of many different types of personality disorders. Borderline personality disorder is one of many different types of personality disorders.

What is eupd?

Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder known as BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER

Can you have borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder?

Yes, you can have both a mood disorder such as Bipolar and a personality disorder such as Borderline. Yes especially if Bipolar Disorder goes untreated for a while it could develop into something more serious like Borderline PD, Narcissism, or ASPD (Antisocial personality).

What has the author Patricia M Chatham written?

Patricia M. Chatham has written: 'Treatment of the borderline personality' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Borderline personality disorder, Personality disorders, Therapy, Borderline Personality Disorder, Personality Disorders

Can you have schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder and multiple personality disorder all at once?


What is the psychological disorder in the movie swimfan?

Borderline Personality Disorder.

What is the most serious mental disorder?

Borderline personality disorder

Passive-aggressive is it the same as borderline personality disorder?

Passive-aggressive is not the same as borderline personality disorder. One is a way of behaving and another is a personality disorder that would need observation.

Is borderline personality disorder capitalized?


Did Princess Diana have Borderline Personality Disorder?


Are people with borderline personality disorder hospitalized?


What personalities are associated with stalking?

1. Antisocial personality Disorder 2. Borderline Personality Disorder

What is the definition of borderline personality disorder?

Borderline personality disorder is another way to say anxiety, basically. It is a mental health disorder that causes emotional instability. It is often diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

Can an 18 year old boy have borderline personality disorder?

An 18 year old man (18 year olds are adults) can have borderline personality disorder.

What two personality disorders get better as adult gain mauturing?

borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder

Can a psychologist diagnose Borderline personality disorder?


Is insecurity common in borderline personality disorder?


Is borderline personality disorder a psychiatric illness?

YES it is

How do you diagnose borderline personality disorder?

Go to the doctors

Why was Princess Diana diagnosed with borderline disorder?

She was not officially diagnosed with it. Persons with psychiatric training have publicly speculated that her personality matched with those of people with Borderline Personality Disorder.