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By a pen drive I'm guessing you mean a USB flash drive like thing. When you plug the pen drive in, your computer should automatically detect it and open up a window that has its contents. Leave that open and find the file that you need to move onto it and just drag and drop it into the Pen Drives window. Its as simple as that. Then close the window and disconnect the drive.

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Q: How do you copy files from computer to pendrive?
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How can copy files from pendrive to computer?

When the pendrive is pushed into the USB port on the computer, it should show up as a drive, showing the files on the pendrive. You can now click on a file and drag it on to the computer. Hold down the Ctrl key before dragging if you want to copy the file over rather than remove the file entirely off the pendrive.

How do you install c software from pendrive?

Use explorer.exe to copy files.

How do you copy pendrive to computer?

Select the files you want on your USB pen drive, then right click on them and 'copy' then go to your documents and right click again and click 'paste'.

What is a pendrive use for on a computer?

A thumbdrive or "pendrive" is a small, USB, hardrive used for storing and transporting files. You put files on it for easy transfer to another device.

How to transfer data from CD to pendrive?

simple, 1:open the disc with the content you wish to copy to the pendrive 2:then plug in and open the pendrive 3:then either use your mouse to select the files you wish to copy or if you wish to copy all just hold down CTRL then tap the A key to select all 4:then you can either drag them directly over to you pendrive(to do this you need to have both the files on the CD visible and the place on you pendrive you wish to copy them to placed beside each other so both places are visible then drag them over) or copy all file be holding the CTRL key and tap the C key(all files or the files you wished to copy should be selected before you do this)then open the pendrive folder and hold the CTRL key while tap the V key to paste everything u have selected earlier to the pendrive

Is there any antivirus software install on flash drive or external hard to protect it?

You can buy a sandisk pendrive . It has got data theft protection software. In case of virus ,you have to install it in the location of your pendrive or external hard disk . Whenever you copy some files from some other computer ,at last you scan your pendrive. Remember to download the updates in the pendrive Never format the pendrive without backuping the antivirus. Believe me it works

How do you transfer pictures from old computer to new computer?

copy the images using pendrive and paste them in new system.....simple

How do you copy a folder of many files from my computer into inbox of my email?

How do you copy a folder of many files from my computer into inbox of my email?

What happens if you copy files to your computer from another computer?

Then you have more files on your computer, and less available space.

Advantage of pendrive?

An advantage of using a pen drive is that you can access your files on the majority of computer systems. You can do so even if they are not connected to the Internet.

What is it called when you copy a file from your computer to another computer or server?

Transferring files

Why cant you copy movie to your pendrive?

Perhaps it does not have the capacity.

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