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CRTL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste. Also CTRL + X is used to cut.

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Q: How do you copy the page on the computer using the keyboard?
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What keyboard buttons do you press to copy everything on the page?

Ctrl + A

How to copy a page from magazine on facebook page?

You have to either find a copy of that page online, or take the page of the magazine you want, and scan it onto your computer. Then post the magazine page onto your Facebook page.

Page is to Book as Computer is to Network Person User Keyboard Mouse?


How will you refresh a page using keys?

You Hit F5 , It is usually at the top of the keyboard :)

Saving a copy of a web page on your computer storage device?

It is called downloading.

What are some words you can type only using right side of the keyboard?

Numlock ,delete,page up,page down,

What allows you to move around in your documents?

Can you be more specific about what are you trying to do and on what device? There are two methods to move around in your document, If you are using a mouse, you can move around each page of a document by scrolling up and down using the "Scrolling wheel" on mouse. If you are using a keyboard, you can move around using the "Page Up and Page Down" arrow keys on your keyboard.

How do you get to Google on a computer fast?

Open a blank page, type in the google website and press enter on your keyboard.

Which keyboard shirtcut activates the menu bar in word so that you can access menu commands using the keyboard's arrow or letter keys?

Page down

How does one send a snapshot of a computer screen page by email?

well you take a picture of the page then you copy and paste it on your email and send it

How do you get an umlaut on a word?

Change your keyboard settings so that you can type them naturally with your keyboard. Alternatively, for fast access, go to the wiki page for umlaut and copy the ASCII representation of the letter you desire. Paste where needed.

How do i make my youtube page smaller?

If you are using a computer or laptop you need to press the escape button on your keyboard to make the YouTube page smaller. If you are on a cell phone, simply swipe the upper left corner down towards the bottom right to make it smaller.

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