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You will need to request a username change. See the related question below to find out how to change your WikiAnswers username.

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2012-07-14 16:23:36
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Q: How do you correct the accidental misspelling of your username on your wikianswers account?
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Related questions

Does Bob Rosenschein have a WikiAnswers account?

Yes, his username is simply "Bob".

Why do loads of users have a number as their username?

These represent contributors who never registered an account with WikiAnswers. Thus they do not have a username to display.

What is your WikiAnswers wiki name?

Your wiki name is your username. You have to have an account to have a wiki name.

What is Jeb's Minecraft account?

His account is private and no one knows what his account it. That's like asking what your username and password is for WikiAnswers. It's PRIVATE!

Why is there no username attached to many of the WikiAnswers?

If they don't have an account here, they are identified by their computer's ID, which is called a ip address.

Can you register the same username on WikiAnswers as the one that you use for your eBay account?

If that username is available and falls within the Terms of Use for WikiAnswers, then yes, you can register the same username as you use elsewhere. When using the same username on more than one site though, it is a sensible precaution to make sure that you use different passwords for each site.

What is your toontown username and password?

You cannot list or share User account names or passwords, or any personal information on WikiAnswers answer pages

How do you make a WikiAnswers username via Yahoo?

Well, unfortunately you can't. Yahoo and WikiAnswers aren't linked sites, and WikiAnswers doesn't allow you to log in with a Yahoo account. If you have a certain username that you use on Yahoo that you want to use here, you can try to get that same one... on the contact us page, fill out the form to talk to the Support team, and they can look into whether a certain username is available or not.

Why don't i have a minecraft username... I just made an account and i don't know how to give myself a username?

Your username is your account's username.

How can you get a WikiAnswers email account?

You get a WikiAnswers email account by becoming a Supervisor on WikiAnswers.

How can you be friends with other people who have an account on WikiAnswers?

Currently, there is no "friending" feature on WikiAnswers. However, every member of WikiAnswers has a bio page and a message board, and you can leave them messages if you like. To get to a person's bio page, use this link, and replace the word "username" with the real username of the member you want to find:

Why was I logged onto WikiAnswers yesterday but today the only site I can find is very different and it keeps telling me my user name is invalid?

You may be on one of the WikiAnswers International websites. Make sure that the URL in your web browser is actually If your username does not work on, the most likely reason is that your account was renamed due to an inappropriate username. If you believe this could be the case, please email WikiAnswers @ (remove spaces) from the email address that is linked to your WikiAnswers account.

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