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You can create a new Gmail address via Gmail website. You have to click on Sign in via the top link. This will ask for details and create your account.


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You can create a new e-mail address by going to the site where you want your e-mail. There is Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, just to mention a few. Just go to one of their respective sites and you will be directed on how to create your new email address.

You have to delete all others manually. They cannot be deleted automatically by Gmail. Then you need to create the new Gmail address.

You cannot change your Gmail email address, and must create a new account. However, you can add dots to your address, and it will still go to your account: Example: Emails that get sent to will go to

If you are trying to log in as a different user, you will need to use a different email address. If you only have one email address, and have already used it, you can create a new account using Gmail or Yahoo.

On any Google site (Search, GMail, Voice, Drive, etc.), click on your email address or your profile picture in the upper right corner. Click on Account, then click Edit under Email addresses.If you use Gmail, your primary e-mail will automatically be your Gmail address. To disable Gmail permanently (this CANNOT be undone!!!!) go to Accounts > Products > Edit (Next to Your Products) > Remove Gmail permanently.

To create a new email account with Google, one goes to the Google mail site and clicks on "create an account". After choosing a user name, that is not currently in use and a password, one provides identifying information including a current email address. Google sends a confirmatory email to the address given. Clicking on the link provided sets up a new Gmail account.

form_title= GMail Account form_header= Register for GMail easily. Do you currently have a GMail account?*= () Yes () No Do you need to have an old email filter into the new one?*= () Yes () No What is your desired email address?*= _ [50]

You just have to click on an email to open it. It might be any folder in the inbox. To create a new email you can click on compose.

New email addresses are easily obtainable through a variety of email hosting companies. You can get a new email address through sites like AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail.

choose which e-mail site you want eg: yahoo, hotmail, gmail. Then go to sign up and fill out the info

You cant change it. You'll have to create a new account

You can make a new contact by adding him/her in address book. You can create a new contact by adding the details. The details might include the name, phone number and email.

Gmail is an email service offered by Google. To get an email account with Google, each client is required to choose a username and password. The service is free.

To my knowledge you cannot change the gmail user name. If you do not like the current one you have you could create a new address and have your mail from the old one forwarded or simply delete the old one.

You can't change your email address. You will need to make a new account.

The best way in order to create a new email address would be for sure to first of all select an email provider. Let's take for example Google Mail (also known as "GMail"), now all one has to do is to sign up with GMail by navigating to the dedicated "Signup" page. Here one has to enter the desired email address plus additionally some personal data. After completing the form one can use the new account (which actually includes much more than just a simple mail address).

you create a new email account (gmail) and use that as the email adress, simple

i suggest if your using hot mail / gmail copy the thing and put it in a new email by pasting it and put disired eamil address

Get yourself a 2nd email address then create a new account on YouTube using the new email address.

Just go to the website in which you want to create an e-mail account, for eg: if u prefer yahoo or gmail go to that particular site and just sign up with the details asked

If one wishes to open an email account with Google's Gmail it is quite simple and quick. One would go the the Gmail page and click on Create an Account. The general information required is name, a username, gender, birthdate, and create a password.

Difficulty in creating new email addresses is slim to none these days. With places like Yahoo, Bing, Hotmail, Google it is just a matter of a few clicks of the mouse to create a new email address.

You can't, You will have to make a New Gmail Account.

You cannot. You must set up a completely new Google mail account.

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