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How do you create a new application partition in active directory?

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An application directory partition is a directory partition that

is replicated only to specific domain controllers. A domain

controller that participates in the replication of a particular

application directory partition hosts a replica of that partition.

Only domain controllers running Windows Server 2003 can host a

replica of an application directory partition.

Application directory partitions are usually created by the

applications that will use them to store and replicate data. For

testing and troubleshooting purposes, members of the Enterprise

Admins group can manually create or manage application directory

partitions using the Ntdsutil command-line tool. One of the

benefits of an application directory partition is that, for

redundancy, availability, or fault tolerance, the data in it can be

replicated to different domain controllers in a forest

To create or delete an application directory


1.Open Command Prompt.



3.At the ntdsutil command prompt, type:

domain management

4.At the domain management command prompt, type:


5.At the server connections command prompt, type:

connect to server ServerName

6.At the server connections command prompt, type:


7.At the domain management command prompt, do one of the


To create an application directory partition, type:

create nc ApplicationDirectoryPartition DomainController

To delete an application directory partition, type:

delete nc ApplicationDirectoryPartition

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