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The man has to, put his penis into the womans vagina, and then the sperm goes into the vagina really fast and hard to create a baby.


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They have sex and create different types of babies

Because it is fun to create them

Yes, but it is impossible to create babies.

For girls, its EGG cells(which help create babies), and for guys, its SPERM cells(which help make the babies)

the only purpose of a penus is to create sperm for child birth. women have other parts used to create babies from the sperm

the same way dogs have puppies (babies)Hamster can have babies but they need a male and a female one to create babies im pretty sure but you coudld get one from a breeder :) but they could have them alonelike every other mammal on the planet

No, it has only one purpose and that is to create babies.

They release spores into the air which is caught by a female and then have babies

Sadly, no but, they already have babies for you.

to steal your money and create a super race from aborthed babies

use all of the box men to create babies and then stack them for each level

Yes, both male and female mice create nests. They create them for their babies if their a female or to become warm if their a male. Or sometimes females create a nest if one of her female friends are pregnant.

No, male babies are not born with sperm. Their bodies do not begin to create sperm until they hit puberty. Puberty tends to begin in boys around the age of twelve to fourteen.

meerkats have up to 6-8 babies so that they can create more to improve there existence

well basiaclly it was always there as we were born to love as this is the way we create babies as we have one if ur a boy

There are lots of patterns for baby pants on line. Or you can get some inspiration from a pattern and create your own.

no they both have female hormones so they cant create a baby without a sperm

Dogs and cats do not make babies to create an horse. ;)

The biggest and best of the species breed with each other, while the weak ones die out, creating superior babies, that go on to create super, superior babies, and so on.

people had babies beczause kdlfns nfd;n jsnafsfjasdkf

The answer is when a lion has babies and when the babies have babies and then the babies have babies...

Having a baby does not require having intercourse, for other options include test tubes

A mouse normally has 10-12 babies. Mine had 10. One mouse reportedly had 17. Female mice can become pregnant again immediately after giving birth, also. Assuming an average litter size of 12, a single male and female pair can create well over 140 babies per year. This doesn't include the offspring their children create, as baby mice are fertile at just one month old. Phew!

yes they do! wierd but true, they create nests out of their fur, and other soft things they can find like hay or grass, but mainly they pull their own fur out to create the nest

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