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You do it by creating partitions on your hard drives. Partitions are typically created before the hard drive is formatted. Another option is to use a program like Partition Magic to edit partitions on your hard drive. You generally don't want to play around with your partitions too much after you have your OS up and running. Any error may cause you to have to reinstall everything.

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Q: How do you create different drives on a computer hard disk?
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What are the three drives on a computer?

Disk Drives Floppy Disk dives and USB ports

What is the meaning of Optical Disk Drives?

Optical disk drives are also known as cd roms for your computer. They allow you to store data and burn information on them from the disk drive slot on your computer.

What are the different types of computer hard disk drives?


What is the local disk of a computer?

The local disks of a computer are the drives that are directly attached to the computer. That is distinct from network drives which are accessed over a network and not physically attached to your computer. So a local disk is a drive on your computer and not on someone else's computer.

What are the tree drives on a computer?

Hard drive, Disk drive and FLoppy disk drive

What are 3 types of drives on the computer?

Hard Disk Drive Floppy Disk Drive Optical Disk Drive

What are some external devices of a computer?

There are loads of different external devices - including: Plotters, Printers, Scanners, Disk-drives, Modems, Screens, Pen-drives, Cameras...

What is the set of computer instructions that controls the allocation of computer hardware such as memory disk drives prints and CD ROM drives?

The "Operating System" or OS

How can you create new reboot disk from your computer?

You can download the iso and burn it into a disk

What would you open from the Windows 2000 desktop to view a list of disk drives configured on the computer?

My Computer

What are three parts of computer hardware?

The tree parts of computer hardware are the CPU, Ram and disk drives.

What does the memory sticks inside a computer do?

The computer treats them like disk drives, although they have no moving parts.

What computer manufacturers first introduced floppy disk drives?

None of the above.

How do you Create Disk Partitions on flash drives?

If there is an unallocated space on your disk, you can create partition directly with this unallocated space; if there is no unallocated space on your disk, you should first shrink a comparatively larger partition to get an unallocated space, then create partition

What products does Buffalo Technology create?

Buffalo Technology produces computer products for business and consumer use. Some of the products that they manufacture are wireless routers, portable hard drives, network storage, and optical disk drives.

What is a computer rack typically used for?

A computer rack is a frame or shelving unit that is usually made of metal. It is used to hold different pieces of computer equipment such as servers, hard disk drives and modems.

Which is the disk that can be put into the disk drive of your computer?

Weird question but alright! Put round disks in computer disk drives. I know there's square disks but, they go in some other drive.

What do harddrives do?

Hard drives are a spinning disk inside your computer that store all your files.

How do you copy Xbox games?

you need a special computer or pc with two disk drives

If a computer has two floppy disk drives the second one is called what?

drive B

In which mode does the computer remain on but the monitor and disk drives are inactive?

Standby, power mode

Are hard disk drives more likely to fail than other computer components?


Which software manages files and folders on computer hard disk drives?

system software

What is HDD?

HDD is an abbreviation for "Hard Disk Drive." Hard disk drives are the primary form of file storage found in a computer.

Where is the floppy disk drive located?

Floppy disk drives are typically located on the front of a desktop computer, beneath any CD-ROM / DVD drives. If a laptop is equipped with one, it will be on the side.