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That would be very complicated to write yourself. Use a prewritten script: But Javascript dropdown menus and flash menus are really annoying. They are inefficient. They won't work for users of text-only browsers, cell phone browsers, or aural browsers (text-to-speach browsers used by blind people). They aren't search engine friendly. They don't match standards for the GUI of the client's OS. Just don't use them. -DJ Craig Javascript is usually used with html(hyper-text markup lang.). type: onmouseover(:dropdown=true:)onmouseout(:dropdown=false:)

*** Another solution would to use a powerful javascript plugin called "jQuery". It's a free resource, and allows you to do incredible things with JavaScript with very little code or experiance. For instance, to create a simple dropdown menu, you would just give an element an ID that you want to use.. for instance <a id="menuPop" href="#">PopMeDown!</a>, with another hidden DIV that is position absolutle below the anchor that has an id like <div id="popMeDown" style="display: none;">Stuff In Menu Here</div>.

And then your jQuery would be this simple: $('#menuPop').bind('mouseenter', function(e){



$('#menuPop').bind('mouseleave', function(e){



It's super easy to create things like this with jQuery, check this out:

- Caleb Convina Web Design and Hosting

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Q: How do you create drop down menus with mouse events using JavaScript?
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