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How do you createe Stone Cold Steve Austin on Smackdown vs RAW 2001?


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all you have to do is go to create mode then create superstar then pick his clothes and aperance then save him when you are happy with him then go to creats a moves set then give him all his ald moves rhe easyist way to get his moves is to go to anouther smackdown game what has him in it then go to create a moves set pick superstar then go to stane cold it will then show you all his moves all you then have to do is list them and put smackdown vs raw gog back to create a moves set and put in all the moves on the list!!! Stone Cold Steve Austin Caw Submitted by: 3:16 Wahid Fayad Date: 17/11/2005 Body Toning, 0 Face, 13/13 Body Skin, 3/4 Skin Color, -93,9,0 Hair, 2/88 Eyebrows, 154/154 Eyes, 7/12, color 10,10,0 Lips, 36/65, color -99,9,-6 Head, -61,18,-80 Eyebrows, -29,-4,-9 Eyes, -60,27,-77,-100 Nose, 20,-20,-99,-21 Cheek, 5,0,0,0 Mouth, -44,0,0,0 Jaw, 8,100,32,17 Ears, 18,20,64,-9 Age, -84 Body Scaling Head, 0,0,0 Neck, 71,24,25 Chest, 3,-22,20 Shoulder, -14,0 Abs, 49,34,-10 Arms, 0,6,-42 Hands, 15,-30 Waist, 5,24 Legs, 29,5,-6,-6 Feet, 0,10,0 Height 6"4 Underwear, 1/41,5/19,12,-88,-100 Facial Hair, 49/84,-72,4,53,-25 Make-Up, 57/60,-99,9,0,-61 Make-Up, 51/60,-91,9,0,38 Make-Up, 7/60,29,-43,-100,-100 Long Hemline, 1/41,46/69,12,-84,-100,100 Upper Body Back Tattoo, 22/49 place on the center of the back largest size in height and width 17,-2,-11,34 Word Back, 99/143, place above the skull smallest size in height and largest size in width 24,15,-68,65 Word Back, 46/143 place beow the skull smallest size in height and largest size in width 24,15,-68,65 Wristbands, 1/41,1/20,12,-94,-100,100,91 Kneepads, 1/41,5/15,12,-88,-95,100 Kneepads, 1/41,6/15,12,-100,-100,100 Facial Hair, 33/84,-88,9,1,22 Facial Hair, 59/84,-88,-5,0,25 Shoes, 1/41,1/45,12,-95,-100,27 Socks, 1/41,9/22,11,-100,-100,100,52 Body Numeral & Sign, These next 5 layers are done all at the same time they will all be placed on the left side of the vest and all of them together are second smallest size in height and second largest in width color for all of them is 24,7,-66,75. Numeral 2/9 # three then go to sign 1/8 and pick the solid circle use two of these and place them below the three. Then go back to numeral and pg 2/9 pick 1 and then go to pg 3/9 and pick 6 place both of these below the two circles spelling out 3:16. Body Alphabetl, Spell SOB and place on the right side of the vest color all the letters 24,12,-66,40 Alphabet Body, 11/18 S second largest size in height and second smallest in width Alphabet Body, 11/18 O second smallest in height and second largest in width Alphabet Body, 9/18 B second largest in height and second largest in width


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There is no cheat code to unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. You're gonna have to accomplish the challenges to battle Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 26 (Storyline: Vs. Undertaker).

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Stone Cold Steve Austin: Get the the Royal Rumble Trophy

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin can be unlocked in Smackdown! vs. RAW 2007 by getting the Royal Rumble trophy. Once you unlock him, you can buy him in the shop.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has not died. He is still alive.

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