How do you cure a blocked ear?

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Homeopathy: If a ear is blocked due to water logged in, there are 'Earol' and/or 'Mullein' ear drops Ayurveda: Put drops of mustard or til oil in ears
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How can you cure a rabbit's inner ear infection?

The best solution would be to take the rabbit to a rabbit-savvy veterinarian as soon as possible. Ear infections can be very painful, sometimes fatal and should always be seen by a rabbit professional. Web-based information can be found at: Selec ( Full Answer )

Why do ears get blocked after reaching high altitudes?

Ear blocks . Usually, ears do not get blocked upon reaching altitude. Rather, ears get blocked during descent. The reason is that the Eustachian tube, which is a membrane lined tube that connects the middle ear to the back of the nose, gets blocked (most likely by congestion from a cold), and is ( Full Answer )

How do you cure an ear infection?

Ok, my little boy, who is 6, has had ear infections his whole life. To 'cure' the infection you need antibiotics. Therefore you need to see a doctor. To relieve the pain, I have found that "SIMILASAN" ear drops are most effective, plus it is a homeopathic remedy which basically says it's all natural ( Full Answer )

How do you cure an ear ache?

To cure an ear ache, you have to wrap a very small piece of garlic in thin tissue. keep it in the ear for a couple of hours, and your ear pain will decrease. take some ibuprofen, too. your welcome.

How do you cure a dog's ears with bad eczema?

You can cure a dog's eczema by applying lavender oil and aloe toit's ears. Both of these products will help heal and rebuild theskin cells of the ear.

How can you open blocked ears due to cold?

well, i usually pop them open or I've noticed recently that applying a little vapour rub ( vicks ) around the ear and gently in the canal can allow them to slowly open.

Is there a cure for ringing in the ears?

No, but you can try taking 80-120 mg. of ginko, it has shown that when taken regularly for 2-4 months it can relieve tinnitus, a B-complex vitamin is sometimes also helpful in relieving the condition. Unfortunately there is no cure for it at the present time. Check with your doctor for other ways to ( Full Answer )

Should you fly with blocked ears?

Flying with blocked ears is not necessarily dangerous. However, youwant to find out why your ears are blocked before you fly.

How do you cure a big cyst behind your ear lobe?

See a doctor....please. and don't panic too much because I know some people think that it's cyst when it's just a swollen lymph node gland and it gets swollen when you are fighting off illness and it's a normal thing

What's the best way to cure congested ears?

i heard that you should warm up some olive oil in the microwave (not to hot!) and put a few drops in your ears, wait a minute, then pour it out. that should do the trick

How do you cure an infected ear?

\nthis theory has actually been proven to help. put a chunk of garlic in your ear, secure with a band aid, and leave over night, apparently in the morning it will be gone

Cat ear mite cures?

There is medicine aka ear drops and stuff like that which can rid of ear mites.

How do you cure swimmers ear?

Swimmers ear is an Infection of the ear canal. it can be cured by per scribed ear drops from your doctor. The pain is very severe you can Apply heat, and take Advil or Ibuprofen to help reduce pain.

How can you Cure clogged ears?

if you mean when your ears hurt on a plane because of the pressure, there are a number of cures : . 1)chew some gum or a sweet to open up your ears. . good point : it works when the plane is landing and taking off. . bad point : it is the least effective cure. . 2)swallow a sip of water/yawn eve ( Full Answer )

What is a natural remedy cure for ringing in the ear?

try knocking the earbone (not the real ear bone but outside of your hear, near the opening) with your fingers for 20 seconds very lightly. this was in some science magazine that small vibratio0ns after ringing in the ear will take it away. i have tested this many times and it goes away almost alw ( Full Answer )

How do you cure middle ear infusion?

a tube is implanted in a tiny hole through the eardrum, this allows the drainage of fluid behind the ear drum which will cause the loss of hearing in the affected ear until this minor surgery is done(outpatient) After draining the hearing will gradually return to normal in the affected ear. An ENT i ( Full Answer )

Can garlic cure yeast infection in dogs ears?

Yeast is a fungus. The ointment/creams you get from the vet contain anti-fungal medications. Because the dog's ear can trap moisture, it is a great environment for yeast or bacteria to grow out of control. If the infection keeps recurring, you may be treating the wrong organism. Your vet can check t ( Full Answer )

Best cure for ear ache?

Hi All Boil some clean water then cool until it is still quite warm Warm some glycerine check that they are both a safe temperature. Lay on your side ear up dip cotton tip in warm water then place it into the warm Glycerine. Rub the cotton bud around OUTER rim of your ear canal ...Repeat until ( Full Answer )

Can an ear candle cure swimmer's ear?

Though some might recommend burning wicks and ear candles for problems associated with the ear, these treatments have not been definitively proved to be medically effective. Additionally, they have some serious down sides, and should be generally avoided. A physician or competent medical practitione ( Full Answer )

How much sound does ear muffs and ear plugs block out?

It really depends on what type you have some products will only block out some of the sound(sound reduction) and others will completely block out the noise. ask some one that have one they could help you. answ2 . No ear protectors will block out all noise. Good ones may reduce the sound by more t ( Full Answer )

How can you cure a rabbit's inner ear canker?

Use a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide on a Q-tip swab. Clean the canker, allow the peroxide to bubble. Do not pour this into ear, a small dab only applied with a swab. This will kill off bacteria and will not harm the rabbit.

How much does it cost to cure an ear infection in dogs?

it depends where you take it. to the vet its about $300. it was for my golden. or you can go to the humane society that will do if for $150 or so. there is a home rememdy to cure this though. the vet told us just to put a little hydrogen pyroxide on a q tip and clean out the ear gently. it should go ( Full Answer )

What is the natural cure for ear infections?

Please do not go for natural cure for ear infections. When you have ear infection in external ear like boil, anything will cure the same, in almost all the cases. But the if there is otitis media or the middle ear infection, it may become complicated and can cause serious damage to you.

How do you cure swollen lymph nodes behind ears?

It is important to cure ailments. For swollen lymph nodes a personneeds to see a doctor and see what is causing them to swell. Fromthere take the medicine prescribed.

How do you cure clog ears?

This is not the only answer... fish oil or any anti-inflamatory. agent can help. Some times blockage is cause by swelling. in the passages.

Is there a cure for ringing in the ear?

Yes, there are treatments to alleviate tinnitus (ringing in theears). In addition to avoidance of loud noise which can make it worse,eliminate caffeine, nicotine, aspirin products, reduce stress andtreat depression. There are special hearing aids which treat it aswell.

Can scallions cure blocked fallopian tubes?

I'm sorry there are no well documented clinical studies that wouldsupport the claim that a scallion will cure blocked fallopiantubes. For one thing the fallopian tubes can only be accessedsurgically or intra-vaginally by a special scope and tube, done bya medical doctor, once there applying the oils ( Full Answer )

How to cure ear infection?

The treatment for ear infections depends on what part of the ear is infected. If you think you or your child has an ear infection, you should go see your doctor to get it properly diagnosed and receive treatment. If an ear infection is allowed to go too long it can have some nasty effects.

Why do your ears feel blocked and painful?

This is most likely an ear infection. I have had it many times so I understand the feeling you are describing. I suggest you go and get checked out by a doctor, so that they can give you some antibiotics or whatever you may need. After taking these for a couple of days, the pain and blocked feeling ( Full Answer )

How can you cure a wax blockage in the ear at home?

Simply deposit a drop or two of cooking oil (preferably a vegetable based one) into the ear canal and then plug the ear with cotton batting just before bed. The oil will lubricate the wax enough to slide out of your ear within 5-7 days. You must repeat this process every night until the blockage fal ( Full Answer )

Will oral cipro cure an ear infection?

There is no guarantee. Some bacteria have become resistant to some antibiotics. Cipro is fairly new and still very effective against most bacterial infections. Be sure to continue the antibiotics for as long as prescribed. If you stop early you will have killed only the weak bacteria and the strong ( Full Answer )

How do you cure a guinea pigs ear mites?

You need to visit a vet asap . If you have any other pets, (like dogs or cats) they could get really sick. I'm not sure what the vets use, but it usually works wonders.

Can swimmer's ear be cured?

Swimmer's ear is usually a minor inflammation of the outer ear canal that may even heal itself within a few days. It usually responds to many alternative treatments as well as to the conventional methods

Why is one of your ears blocked up?

I have that problem right now in april 17, 2013. I had just gotten better from a cold, but it doesn't mean your flem is gone. Sometimes, your nose gets blocked up right? well thats the same thing to your ears, only they hurt.... WHY DO THEY HURT? i do not know.. sorry

How do you cure guinea pig ear infectons?

TAKE HIM TO THE VET! Guinea pigs are extremely sensitive and anything you could do could hurt your little buddy. Hope This Helps, A Guinea Pig Lover

How do you cure chronic ear infections in dogs?

My vet recently told me 2-3 drops of methylated spirits in each of the dogs ears will dry out any moisture and help kill off infection very quickly and effectively. Said he uses this rather than expensive ear drops. Maybe give this a try?

How do you cure blocked fallobian tubes?

The Fallopian Tubes are responsible for transporting the ejected Ovum from the Ovaries into the female's Uterus. In most cases when a Fallopian Tube becomes blocked it requires surgery, or medical intervention in order to be functional once again.

What homeopathic cures are there for an ear infection?

Some things one can do at home that will help ease the pain of an ear infection are: warm water bottle and drops of tea tree oil. One could also use ear candles, but should use caution.

Would you like to learn how to cure the ringing in your ears?

Ringing in the ears can be caused by working or living around loud noises, muscle movement around the ears, and other causes. It is most common in people over 40. There is no cure for it, but if it does not go away or occurs with other symptoms, your doctor may be able to help you learn to live with ( Full Answer )