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If it's a true dry socket, you should go into the dentist. They will have medicines to put in there to make it feel better.

You can also try biting on tea bags. But as soon as you remove the tea bag, it will hurt again. Get the tea bag a little wet and put over the whole and bit firm, but gently.

Dry Socket Pain. Hadn't ever heard of it but now am an expert. Developed dry socket 24 hrs after extraction of largest lower molar 12 days ago. Had the socket packed twice in the meantime with no relief (in fact it was so painful having it irrigated and cleaned then packed it was a relief when the usual pain came back) am at my wit's end. No prescribed painkillers have taken the pain away and it is mostly the pain in my ear and under my chin now which is the worst. I am reading everything I can find on this and beginning to think I am doomed. I read somewhere it can take months to heal and that the pain can be continuous throughout?

I had dry socket after wisdom tooth removed in Mexico. Dentist, I think, anticipated this problem and sent me home with an anti biotic designed for bone and the paticular germs that are in the mouth and a strong analgesic. Without this I would have freaked as I knew nothing about Dry Socket. From what I have read it is very dificult to get away from the pain of dry socket. And, as the poster stated about the treatment is worse than the cure. The good news is that give it a week and the hole should close up and the pain go away.

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Q: How do you cure a dry socket after a major tooth surgery?
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