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How do you cure a risen bump?


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2008-01-19 10:50:27
2008-01-19 10:50:27

when you notice a risen bump on your head,you will have to see a doctor on how to manage it.if you can not notice any rising bump on your head,make sure you get your own clipper in order to avoid infection.

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If you have noticed a risen bump in or around the area of your vagina, you should get examined by a doctor. Only when you know the cause will you be able to get a cure for it.

A risen bump is bump that indicates that you have bacteria located somewhere in the body. Just like you have lymph nodes that swell when you have an infection somewhere.

No butter does not cure a bump on the head, but try spreading it on your toast it tastes great.

yes,salt can help it brings the bump to a head.

Only if it was a potato that caused the bump

There is no cure but just put ice on it, and if u experience dizziness consult a doctor

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Apply warm compresses and soak the risen in warm water. When the risen starts draining, wash it with an antibacterial soap until all the pus is gone and clean with rubbing alcohol. Don't use a needle to pop it, this will increase infection.

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Possibly an absess. My friend has a recurrent one. You can either have it drained, or let it pop. However double check it is an absess by visiting your doctor

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if you have a bump on your lip and it comes and goes, the best thing to do is to ask a family member or friend. Also he or she can work on getting an insurance.

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When ever i get them my nana when i was little got the fatty part of bacon and set it on it and pit a big band aid on it the bacon helps pull the poison to the top and if you take the bacon off a couple hours later there will be a spot where the center of the risen is this really works me my dad my nana and her mom are all proof!!

Ice it for 30 mins... The swelling should go down. If you don't ice it right away, it will turn black and purple...

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