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What is a red risen bump that is painless?


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A risen bump is bump that indicates that you have bacteria located somewhere in the body. Just like you have lymph nodes that swell when you have an infection somewhere.


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when you notice a risen bump on your head,you will have to see a doctor on how to manage it.if you can not notice any rising bump on your head,make sure you get your own clipper in order to avoid infection.

A hard painless subcutaneous bump that moves on a finger could be a callus. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you have noticed a risen bump in or around the area of your vagina, you should get examined by a doctor. Only when you know the cause will you be able to get a cure for it.

yes,salt can help it brings the bump to a head.

A small white painless soft white bump right inside the nose could be a pimple. It may also be a mole. See a doctor if you are concerned.

A hard painless bump could be a sist, or a calcium deposit and can be removed by a doctor

I read about that once because I think I have it too and it's harmless.

Herpes. why is a red bump on my dick.. Ummm.....not really supposed to be there....interesting question....

Red bump behind ear

The term urticaria is used for hives. It can also describe a general rash.

an ingrown hair If it does not go away in a few months, have a dermatologist look at it.

what you get when you kiss someone with herpes

The first sign is a small painless bump similar to a sesame seed. It can be felt on either of the testicles.

My Bugdie had a big red bump on its back. We had to put it down.

It is a small white bump on your tongue. it might start out as a red bump.

The red bump on the bottom of your boyfriend's tongue could just be a sore that he got while trying to pierce his tongue.

What you describe is not consistent with any STD. If you are at risk for STDs, see your health care provider for testing.

small red bump on the tongue is the intimation or symptoms of tongue ulcer.

My hamster has had a red bump on his foot before. There is a bump because a) another hamster bit it or b) he got his foot poked somewhere. This isn't a sickness, so you don't have to worry. It will heal by itself.

Where exactly is the bump? Is it a red patch around the top ball? How new is your piercing?

It may be an ingrown hair. There will be a loop of hair on the bump, pluck it and then your good.

You need to get it checked out by a doctor

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