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It could be a swollen capillary.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-06 16:44:39
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Q: Other than a boil what could be a painless blood filled bump inside the edge of the nose?
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What happens inside when your penis stiffens?

The ducts inside the shaft are filled with blood.

Do arteries have space inside?

Yes they are tubes. They are filled with blood.

How is blood stored in a blood bank?

Collected blood are kept inside a nitrogen-filled and freezing storage.

What is a good sentence for painless?

I was a bit nervous about donating blood, but the procedure was practically painless.

Why are primary syphilis lesions painless?

Syphilis preferentially destroys tiny blood vessels feeding your nerves. As such, the nerves die from lack of blood flow and the chancre is painless.

What is the medical term meaning blood-filled tumor?

A hematoma is a blood-filled tumor.

What type of sickness related to stooling of blood?

It might be polyps, and sometimes they are painless.

What is the symptoms of the bladder tumor?

painless hematuria ( blood in urine is the earliest symptom )

What are blood pimples?

what are blood filled pimples

What is oxegenated blood?

oxygenated blood is blood that is filled with oxygen.

What is the medical term meaning tumor filled with blood vessels?

A hemangioma is a tumor filled with blood vessels.

Does the systemic circulation bring carbon dioxide-filled blood to the lungs?

The systemic circulation brings oxygen-filled blood to the body tissues, and returns carbon-dioxide filled blood to the heart. The pulmonary circulation brings carbon-dioxide filled blood to the lungs.

What structures are found inside the central canal?

BLood vessels, nerves and perforating canals are found in the central canal. It is filled with cerebrospinal fluid.

What chambers are filled with oxygen poor blood?

The right atrium and the right ventricle are filled with oxygen poor blood.

Where is blood filled with oxygen and where is blood filled with carbon dioxide?

arteries carry red blood (oxygen), veins carry blue blood (no oxygen), i don't think that blood carries CO2,

How can you get oxygen underwater?

You can use a oxygen tank or take a tubeworm. It's plume is bright red because it's filled with blood and inside the blood it contains hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen.

Will there be blood when hymens tear?

Blood is commonly found when the hymen tears. This is usually painless and results from some form of direct trauma.

Why blood pH is alkaline?

How would it feel if your blood is acidic?After all, life is supposed to be painless (generally)P.S. i'm 13 :)

Bone marrows purpose?

Bone marrows purpose is to protect the inside of your bone. Bone marrow is filled with blood cells and your bone marrow can get infected.

How blood and other materials get to the living cells inside the bone?

the blood cells carry the the minerals and the blood to the bone when more blood cells are made from the bone

Is a blood-filled blister in your mouth a symptom of an STD?

It's probably a blood blister. Maybe you bit the inside of your mouth while you were sleeping. Doesn't sound like any STD I know of.

What transfers waster filled blood from tissue into the pulmonary circulation?

The systemic veins and heart transfer waste-filled blood from the tissues into the pulmonary circulattion. The sytsemic veins bring waste-filled blood to the right atrium, which pumps it into the right ventricle, which pumps it into the pulmonary circulation.

Do silverfish have blood inside their bodies?

I smushed a bug in the house that was silver and looked similiar to a roach, but inside was red hence, ergo do silverfish have blood inside? I believe they do from looking at other info on net.

How can you determine your blood sugar levels?

You have to test your blood sugar levels by using a meter. This will tell you how high or low your blood sugar is and it is painless and only takes a minute or two.

Why does blood not flow backwards in your body?

There are valves inside of your veins, arteries, and capillaries that stop blood from going in the other direction.