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How do you cure constipation for a 11 year old?



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what can i give my 11 year old for constipation?

Those are good, but here's some nonmedical treatments. I may be one of the best people to answer this, because I suffer from constipation. Here's some ideas:

Try a stool softener, like Colace or Dolcolax (spelling?)

If your 11 year old has been constipated for a while, try having him/her sit in a tub of warm water. It works great.

Try getting the 11 year old to drink PlumSmart. It's a delicious plum juice, and I should know, as I drink it.

Hope these help. Also, ask yourself these questions: Has him/her been able to go even a little? Has him/her been sick recently? Has him/her suffered constipation before?