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How do you cure inner thigh rash?

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i've found that suave cocoa butter with shea heals it pretty fast

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What causes a rash by your testicles and inner thigh?


You have a rash on your inner thigh is it herpes?

A herpes rash consists of painful and/or itchy blisters, pimples or sores in a small group. A rash on your inner thigh could be herpes. If you think it's possible, get an exam as soon as you can.

How do you treat a rash with bad smell near scrotum and inner thigh?

I don't know but one begs to know how the heck you smelled your scrotum and inner thigh.

Pimple like rash in clusters on inner thigh with two red line what could this be?

How long after stopping meds after breaking out in rash.

What does it means if your vagina itches really bad and you have a weird pimple looking rash on your inner thigh.?

Try washing it. >.>

Weird rash which itches when I scratch it it becomes white. It is on the inner thigh what can I do to get rid of it?

You have to rub your rash with white chocolate and then rub it hard with lotion. It DOES really work.

Is there a cure for inner thigh boils?

The problem with Inner thigh boils is the constant rubbing together. Put a layer of Neosporin on it, and then apply cornstarch to the area, this will prevent any further rubbing, and will heal the boils.

Rash in my thigh?

i have a rash on my thigh look like a big bite but in don't hurts or itch.

What ointment must be applied to cure a rash on the inner thigh?

If the rash is increasing in area it covers (mark the edges with a pen and then check periodically), see your doctor immediately. If it is itchy, take a Benadryl as directed on the package. Try the usual: 1% cortisone or Balmex for heat rash. If it doesn't go away, then see your dermatologist and he can identify the cause.

What should you do about a super itchy rash on your inner thigh?

Its red circularish and has been scratched so much that its been bleeding

Is there any cure for Sweat rash on the inner thigh?

I have the same problem, everytime i wear trousers my thighs sweat which then my trousers get slightly soaked which is really bugging me. I have been looking for a cure as well and have found out that there is a product called 3B Action Anti-Chafing and Anti-Sweat Rash Cream apparently the doctors have approved it which of what i have read so far you can get it from prescription or order it online.

Can topamax cause a rash on your inner thigh?

I don't know if Topamax is the cause yet--but I developed a mysterious rash on my inner thigh after beginning to take Topamax. I have switched laundry detergent, body wash, have not started eating anything new lately, so can't figure out any other possible cause. Rash is listed on the literature as a "rare" side effect of Topamax. I take 200mg per day.

Does herpes occur on the inner thigh?

Yes, herpes can occur on the inner thigh.

What should you do if you have a rash on your inner thigh that is itchy and smelly?

This sounds like a fungal infection. See your doctor about the correct anti-fungal to use.

What is a rash on your inner thigh and also above your vagina they look almost like pimples but if you pop them they scab over?

i hope its not an std/herpes.

You have swollen gland on inner thigh sore rash there too stinky wet patch any ideas?

you are a fu©k tard

What can a guy do to arouse his girlfriend when they are making our?

squeeze her inner thigh... squeeze her inner thigh...

I have these small red dots on my inner thigh inner arms and near my arm pits what could it be?

Hi, I think you have sweat rash. Try some talc powder to keep yourself dry.

What do you call the part of the thigh that is below the inner thigh and above the knee?

If it is below the inner thigh, it has to be the lower leg and if about the knee is the thigh, itself. There is no name for what you described.

What do you think is a dry inner thigh rash that itches?

This is the time of the year for allergies. You may be experiencing excema. If it is in a shape of a circle then it may be wing worms.

Is it possible to have a herpes sore on you inner thigh?

Yes it is possible to have a herpes sore on you inner thigh.

If you started getting a rash on your inner thigh area and also below the belly button however no itching in the vagina is this an STD or did you just get your ex-boyfriend's rash?

I think you should make a appointment with a doctor immediatly.

Is there an inner thigh bleach cream to lighten your skin?

Yes there is inner thigh bleach cream that can be used to lighten your skin. One brand of inner thigh bleach cream is Whitening Essence.

What causes blotchy rash next to groin on inner thigh?

Probably jock itch. This is easily treated and cured with over-the-counter cream available at any pharmacy.

What do i have if i have a rash on my inner thigh that hurts when i touch it?

it could be herpes. i recommend seeing a doctor.