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How do you cut up a chicken?

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What is chicken kow?

Cut up chicken thighs

How many cut up chicken breasts equals one cup?

Approximately one cut up chicken breast, equals one cup.

How do you cut up a whole chicken?

cut down back cut legs and wings off

Find directions on how to cut up a whole chicken?

you have to cut the leg back.

What is another name for cutting up a whole chicken?

its called Fabricating a chicken. where you take the gizards out and cut up all the chicken. Then cook it

Directions on how to cut up a whole chicken?

the directions on how to cut up a whole chicken are BARK BARK CHICKEN HEAD!!!!!!!!!! ball-headed scaly wag ain't got no hair in the back yo stuff jailed up weaved up yo head is messed up HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW THAT WAS FUNNY

What is the weight of a whole chicken after its been cut up?

exactly the same as before you noodle

How long does it take to bake a chicken that has been cut up?

About 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

How do you use antibacterial in a sentence?

You should wash your hands with an antibacterial soap after you cut up the chicken.

How long do you put chicken in the oven for?

The question cannot be answered without knowing whether the chicken is whole or cut up, stuffed or not, and how the chicken is to be cooked: baked? roasted? oven fried?

How is chicken marketed and sold?

Chicken was marketed as "whole," "cut-up and parts," or "further processed." Sales in the latter two categories rose steadily

Can a dog pass splintered chicken bone eaten?

possibly but it can cut up their insides so I dont suggest feeding chicken bones to your dog

What is a split chicken breast?

A split chicken breast is a chicken breast that is cut in half.

What is oyster cut?

Oyster cut is a cut of meat that still has the oyster attached. The oyster is piece of meat in chicken that is between the thigh and spine of the chicken.

What are the parts of a chicken?

Anatomically, the parts of a chicken are the same as for any bird. When cut up for cooking, the parts generally served are the leg, thigh, breast and wing. Chicken breasts may be further cut up, and are then referred to as "breast pieces." There is no single way that is correct for cutting a chicken into parts for cooking. In some cases, the back of the bird is cut as a separate part. I have heard it called just "the back," but some restaurants (notably in and around Barberton, Ohio) refer to this part as "chicken ribs."

Dressed chicken weight?

The average dressed weight of a whole chicken is about 3 to 4 pounds. Usually, chicken is cut up for the buyer in the store. Roasting hens are usually sold whole.

Is orange chicken made of rat pictutes?

No, orange chicken is not made out of rat pieces. Orange chicken is made with cut up pieces of chicken, orange juice, brown sugar, red pepper flakes, and rice vinegar.

How long does it take a whole cut-up chicken to cook?

About 45 minutes on 375 degrees.

Can a chicken run around headless?

Yes, for up to 2 years. As long as it is a clean cut. Everything can.

How long to bake a whole chicken 5.62 pounds at 350 degrees?

That is a big chicken. The answer depends on whether you cut up the chicken for baking in a baking dish or truss up the chicken if you are roasting it. In either case it is best to have a meat thermometer handy and make sure you have reached 170 degrees at least or so in the thigh area (that is the area that is hardest to get heat to as the breast is up and the drumsticks and wings are out and get heat easier. For a trussed chicken I use 20 min a lb. or in this case 113 minutes (an hour and 53 minutes). For a cut up chicken in a casserole dish I use about 15 minutes a lb. or 84 minutes or an hour and 24 minutes. I think it will cook faster if cut up so check with your thermometer.

What is something good to eat when home alone?

chicken salad just cut up chicken nuggets,grilled chicken any type cut up roman lettues and iceberg lettues add cheese, bacon bits if wanted next put all together add dressing and stir very easy 5-10 min. to make

Can you cut chicken nails?

Yes, a chickens nails can be filed or cut.

How long has a chicken survived with its head cut off?

Chicken with No Head Keeps On RunningAfter a chicken has its head cut off, it can run around for up to a minute or longer, since the spinal nerves continue to send impulses to the muscles.There is documentation of a chicken living 18 months after having his head cut off while being slaughtered. His name was "mike the headless chicken". In his case, the axe missed the stem of the brain which runs all the processes vital to life, allowing him to live.

Do KFC cut trees?

Its a chicken resuarant of course they dont cut trees

How do the chicken processors make boneless chicken?

Boneless chicken is usually the breast of chicken. That is a thick piece of meat cut off the bone.