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I have a 94 grand am and if the 95 is the same with the key under steering wheel you should be able to remove the panel there will be one wire for the ground one i think goes to a yellow wire and 2 that go to another yellow wire should just be able to take the anti theft out and hook yhe 2 yellow wires together

My dealer tells me that this fix will cause "other problems" on my 96 Grand Am. I think he is not telling me the whole story. He has been telling me that it is necessary to replace either the ignition or the cluster, or both. (We have done this and it did not solve the problem) His next suggestion is to change out the cluster as many times as necessary till we find one that works (each time they have to keep the car for 6-10 business days, without offering a loaner). In the meantime, I have to get gas without cutting off the engine (dangerous, I know) and risk getting stranded everywhere I go. Thanks GM!

start car up and then disconnect wires all together... this will leave the anti theft light on but car should not stall...

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Q: How do you deactivate the anti-theft system in a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am?
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If the security light is flashing on the dashboard when the key is on the "on" position, the passlock system is enabled. Refer to you owner's manual to deactivate the passlock system.

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yes you can easily disable this passlock system. simply cut the yellow small wire from ign. switch in the column up by the switch. this is the passlock wire. dealer says it cannot be done, they lie however.

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I need to know how to bypass the anti theft system pass key on a 1997 Pontiac grand am. my car will start but goes dead. wont remain running

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