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The only Anti Theft System on a 2002 Eclipse RS is for the RADIO/CD player. If the sound system is stolen, it has to be reactivated by a dealer (actually, you can do it yourself by reading the owner's manual).

As far as I know, there is NO Anti Theft System for the car itself.

From Curtiecia

Yes the Code is for the Radio/CD player to work - this happens when the battery is very low on charge or if the battery has been disconnected

First get the Serial Number (found on the actual radio), you'll need to remove the radio in order to find this out.

After getting the serial, then you can get a code to enter (from a dealership, owners manual, or even somewhere on the internet-I went to the dealership, let them remove it if you go there-although its just 2 screws to remove)

When you do get this code HOLD ON TO IT, should this problem ever occur again, it makes no sense to go thru all this again (especially if you pay someone to do it). The Dealerships' charge is less than $50.00 to do everything, where i am.

From jksracing dude u missed the whole killswitch and the ecu they r also anti theft u have a micro chip in ure key and when u insert it in the ignition it sends a signal 2 the ecu turnen it over and the car starts u do that with a key that opens the trunk or doors lets say that has no chip in it the car wont start it will just sit thurr and turn over that's y ure key costs like $100 2 get copyed from the Mitsubishi dealership and yes i no my spelling is very text like i answered this from my iPhone sorry

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Q: How do you deactivate the anti-theft system in a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS?
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