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How do you deal with a death?

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As we all know '' Death '' is a horrible thing, it will happen to all of us some time or other.

You can cope with it in various ways perhaps you could contact a family member or perhaps get counselling i would suggest someone who is very close to you and has had previous experience before.

You should not take a hands on approach with the funeral you should just sit and relax and get you're partner to deal with it or again someone who close with you best friend perhaps ?????

There is many counselors out there who can help you to get through it with a lot of different methods some are better than others so try to find one with a good report.

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my oppinion..

cry a bit. spend time with your family, and be more thankful for what you have.

don't be upset all the time, because the person who has passed on wouldn't want you to be sad. celebrate their life every once and a while, by listening to happy music, making an album of memories that you've had with them, talk to your 'real' friends about them, and stuff like that.

grief is a horrible thing, and as said before counselling is an option which can help people, but for me it didnt. the only thing that helped is photos, music, memories and family.

remember, they are never fully gone, their spirit will live on in your heart.

they're always with you, protecting you like a guardian angel :)

R.I.P <3

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