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well first of all you need to teach them how to shuffle cards, once you have done that you will need to teach her how to do some card tricks and deal out the deck of cards. And finally you get a pack of cards split it in half and deal the decks out together. and that's how you deal with a girl.

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How do you become a deal or no deal girl?

register and hope

How do you deal with a girl you hate?

Ignore her.

How do you deal with a sophisticated girl?

Be a sophisticated guy. Start by not calling her a girl.

How do you deal with a short temper girl?

You dont!

How do you deal with a fickle girl?

With a fickle stick of course.

You really like this girl but she hits people in the balls?

She will grow out of it. If you like her, deal with it It isn't that big a deal.

Who is the blond girl walking on the treadmill in the new direct tv commercial?

Anya Monzikova that was on deal or no deal

What is salary for deal or no deal case girl?

Over 100,000/ yr.

Why is girl power now outdated?

because muscle girl power is now the real deal

How do you close the deal on this girl?

Ask her dad and give her a ring.

Who is the girl on let's make a deal?

Her name is Tiffany Coyne.

How do you deal with 14 year old girl?

Money helps.

How do you deal with girl problem?

actually im a girl so i don't exactly know how to answer your question or problem

Who is the girl in the universal Toyota's real deal commercials?

Ara Celi

Why is it such a big deal if a white girl likes a black guy?


Who is the skin it commercial girl?

The Skin It girl is in fact Anya who carries the number 10 case on the hit game show Deal or No Deal. I think. I am sorry if this is incorrect. It sure as heck looks like her though.

A girl said she dusnt fancy you and then kissed you at a party what is the deal with that?

She is probably drunk.

How can you deal with a girl with kids?

You have to be prepared to include them on occassion or find one without.

Would Bryan breeding prefer a down to earth type of girl or a snobby rich girl?

well im sure the answer is a down to earth girl. no one wants to deal with a snobby girl....

Is there a girl in the band black veil brides?

There was a supposedly a girl drummer before the band came officly signed on to ther eecoes deal but currently no there is no girl in the band

How do you deal with a girl when she feel embrrassing?

Assure her that it is okay to feel embarrassed and that it happens to the best of people. try to comfort the embarrassed girl

Who was the girl in the Mars Bar advert where the boy is on the escalator?

Nikki Deal (actress and model)

What if you kiss a girl at age 12?

you're just a late bloomer no big deal

How do you deal with an 11 year old girl with oppositional defiance disorder?

You consult with a therapist.

How do you deal with a girl who wants to feel your breasts?

Just tell her NO ! it is inappropriate and sexual abuse.

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