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Lightning is covered under Comprehensive coverage, if the vehicle has that particular coverage on it at the time of the incident. If you have that coverage is place, file a claim with your insurance company, and you should be compensated for your loss, minus the deductible.

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Q: How do you deal with an insurance company for a truck struck by lightning?
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What company has truck insurance for 18 wheelers?

Progressive and Travelers is the company witch has truck insurance for 18 wheelers. They have the best quotes on the insurance you may find they on the internet and call to this company.

How much for truck insurance?

It depends on your driving record, type of truck and what insurance company you go through.

Who tows the tow trucks when they break down?

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Do you insure an El Camino as a car or a truck?

The insurance company will file it as a light truck.

How long pay insurance premium to Insurance Company after truck accident?

You will continue to pay insurance premium to renew the policy,irrespective of the claim to be submitted after truck accident.

Do you know if I can get tow truck insurance online?

Yes, you can indeed get tow truck insurance online. You can even get it through your credit card company.

Which company could provide insurance for an antique truck?

There are many companies which can provide insurance for an antique truck. Allstate, Prudential, Geico, and StateFarm all provide insurance for various vehicles.

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A good one is ATAS Insurance Services in San Diego ,which offers affordable prices for those looking for commercial truck insurance. However, rates depend on coverage and the type of truck you have and its duty will cause changes in rates.

If my nephew is driving my company truck and has an accident do I file the claim on my insurance or the nephew?


Do I need my own commercial truck insurance if I work for a trucking company?

No, you don't. If the trucking company owns the truck, they will insure it. if you become an owner-operator (O/O), you'll need to insure your own truck.

Can you sign a waiver stating that your auto insurance will be responsible for you while you are a passenger in a company vehicle and do you need the permission of your insurance company to do that?

If you have liability insurance your insurance should cover you while driving another vehicle with permission of the owner. The problem with a company truck is the limit of liability you might have to have.

What are the amounts of coverages on the policy for the truck?

This depends entirely on the policy and will have to be answered by the Insurance company.

What are some car insurance companies that will insure a classic truck?

Insurance companies that will insure classic trucks include Direct Line and More Than. A company called Classic Truck Insurance also insure classic trucks.

Does car insurance cover items stolen from a car?

That depends on the policy that you have with your insurance company. When I had my truck broken into, my policy covered the iPod and stereo that were stolen, plus my rental while my truck was in the shop.

What can truck insurance do for you?

Truck insurance can help you pay for the damage cost if you get in accidents. If you own a truck, it is a good idea to get insurance for it in case you do get in an accident.

Is AAA an auto insurance company?

Switch to AAA Auto Insurance today and enjoy savings, security and service. Caring Service: Understanding your car insurance needs, budget and lifestyleโ€”that's the key to finding you the right coverage. Their insurance agents are dedicated to helping you, just like their legendary tow truck drivers

Does a company driver have to pay for truck insurance?

For the company vehicle? No. Unless they're one of these glorified sharecroppers known as lease operators.

What insurance companies will insure a lifted truck in Tennessee?

Any company which insures autos in Tennessee.

How do you replace the rear window in a Ford truck?

Use a big hammer and call your insurance company!

Where is Truck Insurance Exchange located?

Truck Insurance Exchange is an insurance company located in Austin Texas. Their street address is 15700 Long Vista Drive. Long Vista Drive is located between Grand Ave. Parkway and Bratton Lane.

What if a tow truck damages your car. I was parked in a spot that required a permit to park. When I picked my truck up at the private tow company it had a cracked frame. It is a new truck. Can I sue?

claim it on your insurance, they will go after the tow trucks insurace company

Does truck insurance cost more than car insurance?

A truck insurance doesn't necessarily cost more. It would depend on the size of the truck.

Will insurance cover if you if you hit a car with a company truck?

Well if the company you're working for possesses common sense, they'll have insurance policies on ALL of their vehicles. So, yes you should be covered.

Where can one purchase insurance for a big truck?

Abbeygate, Insurance Business Apps, KVD, Sentry insurance, Progressive Truck Insurance, and Peeplo are some examples of websites where one can purchase insurance for big truck.