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I am afraid hon, that you asked for what you got. I'm not trying to be cruel, but you were well aware he was married with kids and you not only cheated on yourself, but on his wife. You shouldn't have gone to his wife, but kicked his backside out the door and went on with your life. Put yourself in her shoes! You have caused her a great deal of pain and perhaps ended his marriage and the children will suffer for it. I bet you didn't even think of that. I don't blame you (and others shouldn't either) as much as that jerk you went with. He hurt two women here and let his kids down big time! He took marriage vows and should have stuck with them. If he was so unhappy with his wife he could have divorced her. If there is a next time go for a single guy or a divorced guy and stop playing around with married men. When you get involved with a married man you will always end up the loser. Mistress' have no special power over the man anymore than his wife does and never forget this one "YOU don't have to live with the jerk like his wife does" so don't believe all the stories you may get from a married guy that "his wife doesn't understand him" or "she lazy, doesn't love him" and here's my favorite, "My wife is very ill and we can't have a sexual relationship and I really want to leave her, but can't do that while she is sick or I wouldn't be able to live with myself." Like right! This last one is used more often than you think because the young woman he's trying to have the affair with will feel sorry for him and then think what a great guy he is for not leaving his wife while ill. 9 chances out of 10 his wife is perfectly healthy, slaving her guts out to make a good home for him and raising his kids. The young woman will also think that once his wife is well, she'll get him all to herself and make his life much happier. Think of this ... if you became ill how long do you think he'd stay with you. It's a no brainer! Talks cheap, actions speak! Marcy

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Q: How do you deal with breaking off a relationship with your boyfriend of 4 years and have a child together when he was married with other kids and you told his wife about it and now everyone blames you?
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