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If neither one of you knew and he received a suprise that he is a father to another child..what can u do?'s not the child's fault...and i think he should take responsibility for this child and you as his wife or girlfriend should allow him to do so. It's only what you would want him to do if you were the other woman.

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Q: How do you deal with the fact that your husband just found out he has another child from a previous girlfriend?
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If you get remarried and have children that you support at home can your child support from your previous marriage be increased?

Are you asking if your previous husband ought to be legally responsible for supporting your children by your new husband?

If my husband has a child with another women can she legally name her child after my deceased son?


Urs Buhler new girlfriend?

It is not known who Urs Buhler is currently dating. Urs Buhler does have a child with a previous girlfriend, Tania who was born in 2008.

Why did the term blended family originate?

A blended family is regarded as one that includes parents from previous and present marriage, children. An example is a woman who is newly married but living with his new husband and her child from previous marriage. Another name is step family.

What is Utah law regarding a child born of a boyfriend girlfriend couple where the women is not legally divorced from her husband yet?

The husband is the child's father by law.

What case can I file to my husband who has a a child with another woman?

If the child was conceived AFTER your marriage , it is grounds for divorce.

What happens if your husband dies and he has a minor daughter from a previous marriage?

i think the mother of the previous marriage would get her child, or if the parent is a bad parent the your husbands mom or dad would get the kid or posibly you would get the child

Legally If wife has had another child while still being married and its not the husband what can be done?

Nothing. the law recognizes the legal husband as the legal father of the child.

Whose Tina Atkins Campbell first child father?

The father is her husband, he had a child from previous relationship. Its a well balanced parenting, you would think she is Trecina's (Tina's) child. I love it.

Which nfl players have retarded children?

Kurt Warner. Previous qb for the rams has a child with brain damage and is blind. He married his wife and she already had this child with her ex husband.

How do you tell your friends that your husband has a child to another woman?

This begs the question, "Why would you?" and perhaps, "How is it any of their business?" Supposing it was it was any of their concern however. You would simply look them in the face and say, "My husband has a child by another woman."

You are currently 6 months pregnant and separated from your husband its been over a month since you have seen or spoken to each other should i call he is currently in a relationship with someone new?

Well are you pregnant with your previous husband or are you pregnant with somebody else? If you are pregnant with your previous husband, you should definitely keep in touch with him, for the obvious reasons, it is his child you are carrying. If you are pregnant with somebody else, let your previous husband be and concentrate on your current relationship.

Can you get more child support for your two children from their father if you had another baby from a different man?

no because if you had a baby with another man your ex husband does not pay you with more child support because that is not his child

How could you and your husband find out if he has another child?

Ask it's the best way to go

How many kids does Reba have?

Reba McEntire has 1 child of her own with her beloved husband Narvel and he has 3 children from his previous marrige . so she has 1 child and 3 step-children

When a married woman has an affair and has a child with that man what rights does her husband have to the child?

Since you have become pregnant from having affair with another man and if your husband has forgiven you and is acceptable of the baby then the two of you can raise that child. However, if the biological father is interested in his own baby then he has some visitation rights. If you husband does not want to raise another man's baby then you will have to consider at least separation from your husband or divorce if you want to raise this child alone. The man you had the affair with should pay child support. You would be wise to seek legal advice.

Why won't your husband let you have another child?

That's really a question for your husband, but some thoughts may be that: he is concerned about finances, he feels he is too old, he is concerned about bringing another child into the world in it's current uncertain state, he is concerned about a genetic problem, he feels he has enough to handle without adding another child, he is concerned about overpopulation.

Who was sandy on The Outsiders?

Sodapop's girlfriend. Sandy is pregnant with another man's child and moves to Florida

Can a wife move her child to another state without husbands consent?

yes, if the husband is dead

Can child be taken away from mother if she leaves her husband for another woman?

The issue would be adultery, but not who she was with.

Your ex girlfriend registered your daughter for school using her new husbands last name is this legal?

It depends if the husband adapted your child legally.

Can the mother of a new child modify the fathers child support from a previous marriege?

No, the father must support his previous child. You knew this when you had a new child with him.

Your husband hit you. you told him you want to leave can you take your child and move to another city by relatives?

Yea, but if your husband refuses to give you your child than you will most likely have to go to family court for coustdy

Your husband is leaving you for another woman Can you legally prevent him from exposing your child to the other woman during visits?


If you have been separated for 6 years after filing for divorce in California and your husband has a child with another woman are you liable for any child support since the divorce is not final?

If you're the noncustodial parent, you might be liable. The fact that your husband has a child by someone else is irrelevant to this.