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  • Use light, pale/pastel colors for the walls and ceilings
  • Choose cool paint colors to paint a room (e.g. blues and greens seem more distant)
  • Add height to rooms by painting ceilings with the lightest shade of the wall color or a pale sky blue
  • Paint crown moldings the same color as the walls
  • Avoid high contrast between the wall color and painted woodwork, furniture and decorations
  • Avoid wall patterns, borders and anything that draws too much attention to the walls
  • You could use wall decals to decorate instead of painting the walls. Most apartment facilities will not let you paint their walls. It can become costly and a hassle to repaint once you are ready to move out. !
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To decorate food with small pieces of colorful food to make it attractive?

What are the requirements for an apartment to be considered a studio apartment?

A studio apartment is small and combines living room, bedroom and kitchenette. It can be called a bachelor apartment or a studio apartment.

Move furniture to a house in YoVille?

You go to your apartment or house. Then click on Edit Room and then decorate the room or rooms

What dog is good for apartment?

A chiuhua is a good pet for an apartment, they are small and fun!

What is a efficient apartment?

I think what you are after is the meaning of an efficiency apartment. It is a small apartment that is basically one room. No walls separating the kitchen or living or bedroom. I have seen them as small as 360 sqft up to 700 sqft.

Is there an apartment in the Eiffel tower?

yes there is a small apartment on top of the tower. it can be seen when touring the tower.

Is a chinchilla the type of pet for a small apartment?

Yes they are very easy to maintain and sleep alot but they can get noisey at night but yes a small apartment is fine

Describe what the meaning is of apartment hotels?

An apartment hotel is a building which was designed to host both apartment rooms where people live and guest rooms. They offer apartment style suites and small rooms.

Can small puppies live in a small apartment?

Small puppies can live quite nicely in an apartment provided they are exercised regularly. Puppies need daily walks and play time to live happy lives.

What brand of air conditioner is best for a small apartment?

Frigidaire brand air conditioners are the best for small apartments for they offer the greatest range of air conditioner sizes to accomadate small apartment living.

What is a apartment?

a apartment is a smaller unit of a house usally used for a small family it is usally cheaper than a house

Can a cat live in a small apartment?

Yes. I used to live with my cat in a studio apartment (about 700 sq. ft.)

Is a Teacup Yorkie recommended for an apartment?

Yes, a Teacup Yorkie is recommended for an apartment. Small dogs make the best apartment dogs because they do not need as much room.

Where online can I buy carpet cleaning tools for a small apartment?

Where online can I buy carpet cleaning tools? I live in a small apartment, so they don't have to be big, professional tools.

Why do you sometimes find small black feathers in your apartment?

Your pillow or down jacket has a small hole.

What kind of low maintenance fish tank is best for small apartment?

a small fish tank.

What are small sofas called?

loveseats. At Simplicity Sofas we manufacture full-size, mid-size and small sofas. The small sofas are also known as "apartment sofas." The lengths of the small apartment sofas vary between 66" and 77" but all share a common distance between the arms of 54". The love seats are 10" shorter than the Apartment sofas.

What is Two and a half bathrooms apartment?

One full bathroom and one small bathroom. That would be a pretty good size apartment to have that.

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decorate. do you not know how to spell

What is the average price for renting or buying a small apartment in Los Angeles CA?

Apartments in Los Angeles, California can be quite expensive. A small studio apartment runs from $1,000 to $1,500 a month.

What bedroom furniture will work best in a cramped and small studio apartment?

Typically furniture such as bunk buds or lofts work well in small apartments. These allow you to use the horizontal space in an apartment.

How do you use the word decorate in a sentence?

We decided to decorate the kitchen.We will decorate for Christmas.She starts to decorate the cake.

A small rectangular model is 4 yards by 6 yards by 7 yards If an apartment is 2 times the size of that then what is the volume of the apartment?

The apartment is 8 * 12 * 14 = 1344 cubic yards

How big is a 288 sq feet apartment?

very very small

Where does Venessa live?

venessa lives in a small apartment in America / illionis