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Well, there are no cheats to decrease money - only cheats to increase money. However, one way you could decrease the amount of money you have on The Sims 2 is to just buy stuff. Try buying really expensive paintings and hanging them on the wall. That way, you decrease your cash but then you won't have all this junk just laying around your Sims' home and getting in the way. The paintings will fade away when you place them on the walls and you will only be able to see them if you choose to raise all the walls in your Sim home under the House Views.

Then you can put them on your sim's backpack and gift them to some sim else

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What is the best Sims game for a computer?

i would go with the sims 2, the sims 3 is fun but it costs a lot more money then the sims 2

How do you gain money on the Sims 2 PSP?

you gain money in sims 2 psp by selling secrets completing goals and selling trash to vendors

Is there a game like The Sims 3 that costs less money?

Yes, The Sims 2.

How you collect money from the property you own in sims 3?

You have too have Sims 2 business.

In Sims 2 how do you get unlimited money?

by getting a job!

Can you do anything special with money on Sims 2?

Be A Robber

How do you delete money on Sims 2?

Buy something!

Is it possible to give sims on the sims 2 money if they don't have a home?

No, they must be living in a house.

How much money is sims 2?

Its free if you look on google and search sims 2 free it will pop up and you can download it :)

Are there any rude cheats for sims 2?

No there are no cheats to make a Sim rude in the Sims 2. You can however decrease a Sim's relationship with each other and this will make them more likely to be rude.

What is the cheat code for money on the Sims Deluxe Edition?

To get $50,000 on Sims 2 Deluxe, type "motherlode".

On the Sims 2 is there a cheat to get loads of money?

' motherlode ' without the ' it gives you 50,000 Sims or what ever the currency is !!!

How Many Sims can you have in The Sims 2 Double Deluxe?

there is no limit .... u just have to have enough money to look after them

What is the sim's cheat code for getting more money?

klapaucius -sims 1 motherlode -sims 2

Is there a money cheat for the sims 2 pets for ds?


Can you get money on sims 2?

Get a job or use the cheat motherlode

How do you inherit homes and money in the Sims 2?

beging or crying

What is the cheat code to get more money on the sims?

on sims 2 type in motherlode for 50,000. Or, for Sims 1,type in rosebud for a 1000 simoleons

What is the cheat for getting money on sims 2 nightlife?

It's the same with any sims 2 game on PC. For Sims one you can do rosebud. SIms 2 1,000 is kaching 50,000 is motherlode/ From twilight maniac I also translate spanish :)

How do you make The Sims pregnant in The Sims 2 pet in psp?

unfortunetly, it is not possible to get a job on the sims 2 for psp. it would be good if you could to gain more money, e.t.c. but it is not possible!

In the sims 2 pets for ds is there a money cheat?

The money cheat xa L R

How do you make your sim beg for money in sims 2?

You can't make a Sim beg for money.

How do you get money on sims 2 apartment living?

Get a job with the newpaper or computer

Where do you get sims 2 for free on the net?

You can't... You can only buy them for money... As i no of.

Is there a money cheat for sims 2 pet for ds?

??? look on

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