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use the move nuclearbomb

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What do you do after you get 8 badges platinum?

go to the Pokemon league and defeat them

How do you get TM 47 in Pokemon Platinum?

Go To The Pokemon League And Defeat Them After That Go To profeser Lab And He Will Give It To You

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

To trade pokemon from Diamond, Pearl and Platinum i believe you have to defeat the pokemon league first in Pokemon Black/White

How do you become the chosen one in Pokemon platinum?

You must defeat the Elite Four and the League Champion.

How do you catch a Dialga when you press flee?

If you defeat, flee, or capture Dialga before you defeat the Pokemon League, it will appear after you beat the Pokemon League. If you defeat it a second time or if you defeated it after the Pokemon League, it will keep regenerating after you defeat the Pokemon League. If you don't defeat the Pokemon League then it won't reappear. REMEMBER: YOU MUST DEFEAT THE POKEMON LEAGUE FIRST.

What are you going to do after Giratina platinum?

you go to sunnyshore city and defeat the gym leader then make your way to the Pokemon league.

How do you defeat Saturn in Pokemon platinum?

by knocking out all his/her Pokemon

How do you defeat Crobat in platinum?

you fight it and defeat it w/ ur Pokemon

How yo defeat Pokemon league in Pokemon platinum?

There is no certain way to win against the Pokemon league. The only thing i can say is too lvl up your Pokemon and actually use items to boost the attack of certain moves

How do you get thought victory road into the Pokemon league in Pokemon platinum?

you need to buy super potions and have water Pokemon to defeat steelix or graveler /golbat mackoke is A GOOD ONE

How do you defeat the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to defeat all the places master.

How do you get into sunyshore city in Pokemon platinum?

defeat Cyrus and catch or defeat giratina

What is the best Pokemon to defeat the 7th gym in Pokemon Platinum?

infernape is the best because ice types are week to fire take this advise becase I defeated the Pokemon league over 20 times

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