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How do you defeat Saturn in Pokemon platinum?

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by knocking out all his/her Pokemon

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How do you defeat Crobat in platinum?

you fight it and defeat it w/ ur Pokemon

How do you defeat the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to defeat all the places master.

How do you get into sunyshore city in Pokemon platinum?

defeat Cyrus and catch or defeat giratina

What do you do when you defeat Saturn but the water doesn't come back in the game of Pokemon Diamond?

Once you defeat Saturn at Lake Valor, go to Lake Verity and defeat Mars.

What do you do after you have battled with Saturn Pokemon platinum?

If this is your first battle with saturn, after you defeat him, head off to Lake Verity to check if everything is ok. If this is your second battle with him, when you battle him and Charon, head off to Mt. Coronet to battle Cyrus.

What do you do after you get 8 badges platinum?

go to the Pokemon league and defeat them

How do you defeat Gardenia in platinum?

use a flying , poison or flying Pokemon

What do you do when you defeat Pokemon diamond?

w8 for platinum or get diff game i ges

Where is Hm7 in Pokemon platinum?

Sunnyshore City.Defeat Volkner first...

How do you complete the national dex in Pokemon platinum?

You have to defeat all the trainers and find all the Pokemon

Where do you beat Saturn in Pokemon Pearl?

you defeat him in lake verity when he dries up the lake you will go into the cave and defeat him.

How many Pokemon do you have to defeat in Pokemon platinum to get pokerus?

There is no certain number, It's just a rare occurance.

How do you get TM 47 in Pokemon Platinum?

Go To The Pokemon League And Defeat Them After That Go To profeser Lab And He Will Give It To You

How many times to defeat elite four in Pokemon?

i bet them and Cynthia 5 times in Pokemon platinum.

How do you get past the grunt with no Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

You need pokemon to defeat the grunt, go catch some or ask prof

How do you defeat Cyrus in Pokemon platinum?

go to end of distortion world and talk to him

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

To trade pokemon from Diamond, Pearl and Platinum i believe you have to defeat the pokemon league first in Pokemon Black/White

How cani find manaphy in Pokemon Diamond?

To get a Manaphy in Pokemon Diamond you have to get Pokemon ranger and defeat it and you have to trade it to Pokemon Diamond,Platinum or Pearl.

Can you re-battle Cyrus in Pokemon?

No, After U Defeat Him In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum U Defeat Him He Compleatly Dissapears

What is up with the distortion after you defeat Mars in Twinleaf in Pokemon Platinum?

you will encounter giratina, either catch him that's best, or defeat him

What to do after batlling Saturn on Pokemon platinum?

You continue training and then go to gamefaqs.com and check a guide.

Where is commander Saturn after the earthquake in Pokemon Platinum?

There are two earthquakes in Pokemon Platinum. The first one is in Pastoria City, but you then don't have to fight him. The second one is at Lake Valor (you're in Canalave City then). Commander Saturn is in the cave at Lake Valor

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