How do you defeat the Poke Tower on Pokemon Tower Defense?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you defeat the Poke Tower on Pokemon Tower Defense?
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Where do you get poke flute in FireRed?

Work your way to the top of the Pokemon Ghost Tower and defeat the Rocket Grunts.

Were to get the poke flute?

In lavender town. Mr.Fuji will give it to you after you calm the marowak spirit and defeat team rocket in Pokemon tower.

Poke flue Pokemon Blue?

You can find it in the Pokemon Tower.

How do you get a Eevee in Pokemon tower defense?

No, Pokemon Tower Defense includes only the original 151 Pokemon cant get Arceus on Pokemon Tower Defense cause Sam didn't added it on the game but u can get some others like Raikou , Entei , Suicune , Victini (only on Pokemon Center).

Where is a poke flute on Pokemon LeafGreen?

save mr.fuji from Pokemon tower top floor and get the poke flute

How you get the poke flute in Pokemon soul silver?

From a man in the Pokemon tower.

Where do you find the Poke Flute in Pokemon Red?

You can find the Poke Flute in the Pokemon Tower. After you free Mr. Fuji, he will give you the Poke Flute.

How Snorlax awake pokemon firered?

you get poke flute from guy in top of poke tower

How do you move the Snorlaxe in FireRed?

To move the snorlax, you need a poke flute. You get the poke flute from the old man in Pokemon Tower his house is in the same town as the Pokemon Tower

How do you get poke flune in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get the poke flute from mr fuji by talking to him after you rescue him in Pokemon tower in lavender town

How do you get the poke flute on Pokemon HeartGold?

at the kanto radio tower

How do you get Snorlax in Pokemon td?

you get one in poke tower 2