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How do you define good nutrition?

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Grains, legumes (beans) Dairy products (milk, eggs, etc.), fish, chicken, shell fish (some red meat is OK, but make it lean.) Low on salt and sugars and fats (virgin light olive is best for cooking). Low on sweets of any kind, but some can be taken in moderation. Raw or steamed vegetables (at least 5 servings a day. Leafy green vegetables are good for the digestive tract and the colon.) 5 fruits a day. At least 8 glasses of water per day (flushes out fat and also toxins in the body.) Exercise every day whether it be at a gym, jogging, swimming, bike riding or a sport. Even a brisk walk with your dog or a friend is good exercise. NOTE: Women should have 3 1/2 - 4 oz. of protein at each meal and men should have 7 - 8 oz. at each meal. A potato is good and it's what a person puts on it that is fattening. Small baked potato for a woman and a larger one for a man. The general idea is: Eat things in moderation and change your foods around. "Too much of anything is good for nothing." Alcohol can put weight on a person especially beer, but even this can be taken in moderation. TIPS: Although it will cost you a little more find a butcher that sells free-ranged chickens, beef, eggs, etc. This means that the animals are not loaded with antibiotics, etc. It is safe to eat this meat and in Canada it is FDA approved. Some people like to buy their veggies and fruits at Organic stores, but, it's not necessary and if you find a good Chinese store you will find the finest veggies and fruit known to man. I buy mine from Chinatown. Have a "piggy night" on the weekend and let it all hang out (but only one night.) This is meant to be a treat and keep the word "diet" out of your vocabulary as you are simply eating correctly. Staying away from too much yeast will also help you lose weight more quickly, but after 6 weeks of no yeast incorporate it slowly back into your diet and only use about half of what you use to eat. Yeast is in buns, bread, cakes, etc. Anything that rises has yeast in it. If you are baking a whole chicken then keep some aside and freeze it for another night. Same goes for a roast, etc. This way you can have quick meals if you are in a hurry or too tired to cook. Stir frys are excellent ways of getting your veggies and meats and that good old virgin olive oil. Use herbs and spices. Dill on carrots or even fish. Saffron on rice or even ginger. Use onions for more taste or garlic. WATCH YOUR LABELS WHEN YOU BUY. Ketchup is high in sugar as are jams, relishes, etc.

2008-03-25 12:36:28
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Q: How do you define good nutrition?
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