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Q: How do you delete a blog that you created on Tumblr?
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How to delete Tumblr blogs?

1. Go to Blog Setting 2. Delete your account

Do you blog about love on Tumblr?

You can blog about anything on tumblr.

How do you delete a post from someone else on your Tumblr blog?

Once logged into your tumblr account go to your posts then go to edit post which you want to delete. then simply click the delete option available there. This wy you can delete your selected post.

When you go to delete your secondary account on Tumblr it wont let you?

If you want to delete a secondary blog you have to go to members, if you are the only member of the blog just click "delete blog" and they'll ask for you to write the URL of that blog and the password for it. If there are other members in that blog they'll have to leave before deleting it.

What is a blog on Tumblr?

Just that. A blog on a site called tumblr.

What should I name your Tumblr blog?

you can't name my tumblr blog.

How do you make it look like you deleted your Tumblr blog without actally deleting it?

You can delete your HTML so that when people go to your blog nothing shows up.

How do you delete a Tumblr account?

Go under 'Account Management.' If you do delete your account remember there is no way to reactivate a Tumblr account. Once your account is deleted, whether by you or someone else, all of the content from your blog(s) gets deleted as well. You can, however, sign up for a new account & try to claim the same blog URL on our registration page. Again, there is no way for them to restore a blog or any of the content from that blog.

How do you redirect someone from your blog to another blog on Tumblr?

Add a link to their blog from your blog.

How do you delete a picture on Tumblr?

You can only delete pictures on your own blog so when your on the home page click on posts at the side and find the post you want and there should be a trash can button :)

What type of blog is my Tumblr totallyevita Tumblr com?

At first glance it looks like a typical girl's blog.

Delete a page on Tumblr?

go to your blog. go to customize in the right hand corner. then usually at the bottom of the side bar that pops out there is a pages section. then delete the page. save and close.

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