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I think you are trying to delete the file your system requiresto work properly.If you are a newbie I recommend to use an antivirus. Rating Of Antivirus Is as follows:



3.QuickHeal But if you are really serious to delete that file then do following procedure:

1.Create a bootable floppy or CD.

2.Boot your computer in MS-DOS mode by using created floppy or CD.

3.Delete unwanted file. NOTE:This may cause a serious problem if you don't know which file you are deleting. It is recommended to take backup of file before deleting.

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Downloader Trojan quarintined how do you get rid of it?

virus virus

What should you do if the Downloader virus is infecting your Windows-system32-imapdsp.dll file and Norton Antivirus can't clean it and you can't delete or rename it?

Downloader is an old virus, but a brand new variant just hit the streets: Downloader-AYB. Is that the one that got you? Have you tried booting to DOS (Command Prompt) and renaming the file before booting into Windows?

How do you get rid of the Downloader Agent AS virus?

It's not really a virus...

Is utorrent a virus?

No, is a torrent downloader

How do you remove Trojan horse downloader wintrim AV?

The free anti virus software AVG 6 was not effective on the first try although it did detect the virus which Norton antivirus did not. After using the Windows XP system restore to go back to a date before the virus had installed itself the AVG6 still detected the virus but also allowed me to delete it by using the AVG 6 Virus Vault Delete method.

Can you download YouTube videos without virus?

Yes. The free program called YouTube Downloader is virus-free. Simply go to and grab your videos not virus.

How do you remove the virus Downloader swizzor 2 AQ?

Simply run the AVG anti-virus, which can be downloaded for free from the their official website I think you have to find all the maps called 32warn, and delete them. And you have to find the program that bring the horse in, a program installed about the day you saw the Trojan horse, and delete it. I have done it.

How do you get rid of downloader cache virus?

Try Norton Antivirus to detect the random name of the dll files that downloadercache placed on your computer. Then reboot in safe mode and delete those .dll files

How do you delete?

Just use an anti-virus program it should delete the virus :D

How do you get rid of Trojan horse downloader istbar dd?

i went to dl AVG anti-virus version 7 and it manages to detect the Trojan and delete most of them... as for those which are unable to heal or delete... try to go to the foler that consists of the infected file and the anti virus shd prompt u abt the Trojan... den.. u can safely delete the Trojan horse... hopes it help...

Is it better to delete or quarantine a virus?


Is it ok to delete the virus from the avg vault?

no its not the virus comes back up again look up .the file location and delete it urself and then delete from virus vault

What is Trojan horse Downloader Small FU and how do you remove it?

How do I get rid of this Virus?

How do i find win 453 virus and delete it?

delete it

Can you delete the files in virus vault?

no is there a software to delete it

Is it safer to keep a bloodhound virus quarantined or to delete it once its been quarantined?

delete that chit man.. a virus is called a "virus" for a reason LOL

Symantec Antivirus finds 'Downloader' virus and continuously alerts as the virus keeps trying to attach itself and although Symantec finds it it doesn't get rid of it HELP?

Hi Just a suggestion but make sure you have the latest virus definitions from symantec then restart PC in Safe Mode run anti virus scan in safe mode and see if this makes a difference. Go to Symantec web site and follow suggestions on how to remove all downloader virus files from PC.

You have obfuskated downloader in avg virus vault how do you remove it completely?

When you moved the file to the AVG Virus Vault it was deleted from its original location, coded, and then saved in a non-executable file in a hidden folder. Your PC is no longer infected.If you are not missing any data file and your applications are running, then you can delete these vaulted files from the AVG Virus Vault. You can do it selectively: from AVG Virus Vault program-> select files -> right click on the selection -> Delete file(s).Or you can delete all AVG Virus Vault contents in one go: Open the AVG Control Center program -> right click on AVG Virus Vault component -> choose"Empty vault".

Is Riddler2 a downloader virus on a computer?

No. It lets you download up to 7 times faster

When you delete a virus does it deleat the file it is attached to?

Nope, just the virus.

How do you get rid of the Trojan horse Downloader Swizzor AX virus?

The spyware program 'PestPatrol' will remove it.

How do you delete virus WOAURUDexe?

This link gives complete steps to delete this virus

What does a worm virus do?

a wirm virus is a type of virus that hacks into your system, and could delete all of your data.

Is installshield update manager a worm or virus?

how do I delete the install shield virus

Does a virus scanner delete infected files?

Yes, or moves them to a "Virus Chest"