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You have to contact the company (by mail)who initally issued you the credit. If the account is paid and closed they should remove it from your credit report, upon your written request.Hope this helps.

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Q: How do you delete old credit report information?
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When do old debts fall off your credit report?

They don't! you actually have to pay them. Wrong! Negative information can only report on your credit report for 7 years from the DOFD and 7 to 10 years for Tax liens. Only information that stays on your report indefinitely is a criminal convictions

Should old debts that are over five years old be off of your credit report?

Yes. You can get them removed. By law (the FCRA) all ACCURATE information stays on a credit report for 7.5 years. You can challenge ANY entry if you believe it to be inaccurate.

How do you contact old debt collectors to clear your name and pay outstanding bills?

If you have a copy of your credit report the creditor's last known phone number and/or address should be listed. If it is not you can contact the credit bureau that it is reported with and they can try to get you that info. Otherwise, dispute it with the credit bureau. If they can't verify the information they will delete it. Good luck.

If you pay off an old debt no longer on your credit report will it be placed back on the credit report?

Yes it can. You should agree to pay it only if there is an agreement to not report it to the credit reporting agencies.

How to get your credit score from on a credit report?

It depends on what type of report you get. The cheapest form of credit report won't actually tell you the actual score the agency has for you - just show general information which you can check to see if there are any errors that need correcting, or old information that ought to be removed. They also have a subscription service which will actually detail a credit score which should be clear in the report, however each agency will have it's own criteria to which you are judged and you will find the score differs across each credit agency.

What is the statute of limitations in the state of Louisiana on removing charge offs off your credit report?

There is no statute of limitations associated with credit reports. However, any information that is more than 7 years old should be removed from the report.

If you have been told you have a delinquent debt with a car repossession that was charged off in 1994 can this debt be placed on your current credit report even though you have denied ever owning the car?

A repossession that is over seven years old is not supposed to be on your credit report. It is not unusual for a collection agency to illegaly "reage" a debt in order to try to pressure you to pay. From your post it does not appear that you know what is on your credit report. If you have been denied credit then you are entitled to receive one for free. Contact information for the three credit reporting agencies can be found at If this item is actually on your credit report then you can dispute the information and demand verification. Dispute instructions will be included with the report.

Credit Report Challenge?

Get StartedThe purpose of this letter is to challenge or explain an unfavorable entry in your credit report.When you receive your credit report, you should review it carefully for any mistakes and information that is more than seven years old (ten years for bankruptcy). If you do not understand something, ask. The

Can I get closed accounts that have been on my credit report for the past 16 years off by writing to the to the bureaus?

Yes, just dispute them as too old to be on your report. Closed positive information reports for 10 years and negative information reports for 7 years.

How do you get a judgment removed from your credit report if it has been on your credit report longer than 7 years?

The procedure is the same as getting any other inaccurate or expired information, removed. Write a letter to the credit bureaus, dispute the judgment and request that your file be corrected. Send proof of your identity, address and social security number and request a complete credit report be sent to you when they have corrected the old entry. Good luck!

How can you get old credit report?


When adding an old trade line to your credit report will this help raise your credit score?

ANSWER: If the old trade line was in good standing, yes.

How do you remove a home loan from you credit report after bankruptcy it was listed on Bankruptcy.?

Bankruptcy information (and other legal actions like judgments) may stay on a credit report for up to ten years after the fact. If your credit report still reflects a bankruptcy after ten years, create a dispute/update request with the associated credit reporting company and include proof that the bankruptcy is older than ten years old (the state record of the original date of bankruptcy action is typically all of the proof one needs). Negative items (including home loans that may have been forgiven) may stay on your credit report for up to seven years after the occurrence, regardless of bankruptcy status. Similar to the process above, if there is negative information on your credit report after seven years, one can request an update/modification of the credit report by providing appropriate proof.

What You Need to Know About an Experian Report?

Experian is one of the three major credit reporting agencies that issues credit reports. While the other two, TransUnion and Equifax only issue personal credit reports, Experian issues both business and personal credit reports. Consumers can get a free Experian report once each year. Most experts advise consumers to get their credit reports from all three agencies at least once per year. Not only is this a good idea, but it is free, and you can access all of these reports online. Consumers who have never seen their credit report before may wonder what is contained in the report. Realize that this information comes from the companies with which you do business. Experian is the credit agency that creditors report to; they do not produce the records that comprise your report. In addition, not all companies that you do business with may report to Experian. They will only have the records of the companies that do report to them. Information about each of your accounts that have been reported to the agency will be included in your credit report. This report can contain both positive and negative information. Details such as how much you owe, the monthly payment, whether you pay on time, and how old the account is will be included. In addition, your residential address will be included in your report, along with information detailing who has requested your credit report. Your name, social security number, and employers will also be listed on your credit report. If you have disputed something on your report, this information will be included as well. If you have declared bankruptcy in the last few years, this information will be on your credit report, as well as any civil judgments against you. Experian offers other services in addition to issuing credit reports. For example, if you want your credit score, there is a fee, but you can also obtain this from Experian. They also offer credit monitoring services. Consumers pay a monthly fee for this service, which includes daily monitoring of all three credit reports, in addition to email alerts when anything of importance changes. Another important thing to know about an Experian report is that you can dispute items contained in your credit report online. After requesting a dispute, you will be able to view the status of the dispute and the result once it has been settled. The ability to go through the credit report dispute process online makes the procedure go much faster.

If you settle an old credit card debt with a collection agency paying the negotiated price in full will the collection agency remove the collection from your credit report?

No the collection will not be removed from the credit report. They will show it paid in full.

If your bankruptcy is nine and a half years old will it be taken off your credit report when it reaches the 10th year automatically?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it can take a credit bureau a few months (or even longer) to take an old record off your credit report. The best advice I can give is to request a credit report after 10 years have passed. If the bankruptcy is still listed, you can dispute the record directly with the credit bureau. You can get a free credit report at or from most housing counseling agencies. You can find these agencies by looking on

If you pay off a 12 year old judgment will it reappear on your credit report?


Can you have an old address removed from your credit report?

Yes, you can call or send a letter

How can you remove negative accounts from your credit report?

Have they been paid off,and how old are they?

If you have old debt from another country and a collection agency in the US is trying to collect can they report the debt on your US credit report?

It is possible.

What can I do to errase old credit card bills from 7 years ago?

Dispute with CRA's as too old to report

How do you get accounts that have been closed for a long time removed from your credit report?

You get closed accounts removed from your credit report in the same manner as any other information. You write a letter of dispute to the creditor, or credit bureau, or both. The question is; why do you want closed accounts removed from your credit? If these accounts were paid as agreed, their appearance on your credit report is still offsetting any other information that appears there. I have clients with closed, 6-10 year old, accounts and active derogatory accounts that still have viable credit scores. Were they to challenge and have removed the closed accounts, they would have no score at all, which can be worse than having a low score. Keep in mind that your credit report, and the resulting credit score, is a history of how you have paid your bills in the last 7 to 10 years. You do not necessarily want that history to be empty.

If old Credit card debt is sold can it be relisted on credit report?

Yes it can be relisted under the same name or under the new collector's name on your credit report. It is best to make payments or pay it off if you don't wish for it to appear.

If you filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1998 can a creditor still report you as being 120 days late in 2002?

After 1998, the only new information that the creditor should be reporting is that the debt was included in the bankruptcy. The debt is nearly 7 years old anyway and should drop off your credit report by the end of 2005. Visit the website for the Federal Trade Commision and you will see they they have very helpful information on how to dispute items like this on your credit report.

Can you get a copy of old credit reports say 5 years old?

Most accounts that have been closed stay on your credit report for at least 7 years from the time it was closed out.