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You cannot delete songs directly off of your iPod Touch. You must connect to iTunes via your computer and delete it from there.


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You have to go onto your computer and delete them from there.

You can either choose to uncheck the songs in iTunes, or use something like iPhoneBrowser to delete the cant directly from the i-pod but you can delete it off your computer tthen download all the songs back onto your i-pod.

You can't, unless you delete the game from your iPhone/iTouch/iPad.

You can delete songs by going to the folder that they are saved in and delete the file. If you want to delete all the songs just delete the folder then.

You can't delete directly from your ipod, delete the songs of itunes and then sync your ipod. A pop up will come up telling you there are songs on your pod not on itunes click no or never

how do i delete my songs off my mp3 player

yes you can delete songs all you have to do is check it off of your list

Yes, you can delete songs off of a jailbroken iPod Touch (but only through iTunes).

Plug it into the computer. Get on Itunes and check the songs that you want to delete. Then at the top of the screen hit delete. Or you can just delete them individually.

Well you go on the song you want to delete an then press options then delete

delete the songs you want off your ipod off your itunes library. plug your ipod back in and it will update.

you can plug it in the computer and delete it easy

Either delete it off your Itunes and synchronise your Ipod or check add ticked songs then untick the song.

You plug it into a computer and delete the songs. What is so hard about that? Sheesh, people these days.......

Uninstall it from Control Panel or directly delete it from your pc.

its an app so u can go to itunes and take it off ur ipod touch so yeah

No, you can delete them and download them off iCloud for free again any other time. Unless they are off a CD you have to sync them with iTunes first

No. The songs are permanently etched or burned by a laser into the CD.

Yes, you can delete your lime wire library without deleting it off your itunes library. The only way to delete it off your library is to delete from your library.

i think you go to party shuffel and right click and then delete

There is no way to delete it directly from your ipod(or at least on mine), so you have to delete it from your iTunes account or playlist or whatever and then sync it.

You add songs to your iPod by buying them off of iTunes, and delete them by right- clicking on the song and going down to delete. Warning: If you delete a song you will not get your money back, and you won't be able to get that song back.

You will need to go to itunes and delete your songs from there. Highlight the song and press the delete button. I am pretty sure u cannot delete it frum the ipod itself.this method deletes the songs from your computerif its jailbroken you can get ifile and manly delete the songsif not go to itunes and plug in you ipod, go to (whatever your ipods name is) go to songs and uncheck the ones you do not wont

You can plug it into your computer and delete all the songs off of it through iTunes.

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