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There could be a restriction in the intake air box or the exhaust (or both). The vehicle may need to be re-jetted (carb) after the restriction is removed. Years ago I picked up 7 mph on a moped by just removing the baffle in the air box. No re-jetting was required however the noise level did increase. Also, there could be restricters in the muffler that can either be removed, or have holes drilled in them. You can do a Google search of removing moped muffler restricters (not necessarily exact keywords) and you can also find a nice performance air filter to replace the existing air filter, which may be very big, and bulky, most likely blocking a lot of air flow, which will give you more power. These are the simplest ways to increase power without serious modification. If you want to go very fast, buy yourself a speed kit. Be aware of your state laws though, laws change when the definition of a moped (no more than 30mph and 50cc) changes. And removing your baffle will probably violate certain noise ordinances. Have fun!
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Q: How do you derestrict a moped Or any 50cc bike?
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When you are 16 what CC of moped can you drive?

by federal regulation a moped is 50cc or less. in my state you can drive any size moped with a regular vehicle permit

What is the legal age to drive a car in France?

you have to be 18 but you can moped at any age 14 for a moped under 50cc and 16 for a car learners permit.

Do you need a license in ny for a moped under 50 cc?

yes, you need a license to operate any type of moped. But i think it would be a waste to get a moped lower than 50cc. i actually prefer 150cc becase it is not to much bigger and it goes 65mph instead of 35 for the 50cc.

Do you need vehicle insurance to drive a scooter or moped on the street?

any scooter or moped that is over 50cc requires insurance. if it is under 50cc, it is recommended by some that you get insurance but that would be a waste and is not necessary. it depends on your feelings about it though. CORRECTION: Any scooter that Equal to, OR Less than 50cc, does not require a license nor insurance in most states.

Can you put a 110cc pocket bike engine in a 50cc super pocket bike without mods?

Yes you can put on a 110cc bike engine on a 50cc bike and if there is any modification work then just take it to a local bike repair shop.

Can you drive a 50cc moped in georgia without license?

Valid Licence is required to drive any moper ( Including 50 cc)

Why won't Honda 50cc dirt bike shift into any gear?

User Error!

What kind of street bike can you drive when I'm 14?

NONE! You must be of Drivers License age in your state, to ride a street bike, or moped. You must atleast have a moped permit to even drive a scooter, or any other Gas/Electric powered vehicle on Public Highways.

How old do have to be to drive a moped in America?

It depends what state you live in. Most younger teenagers can drive a 50cc or smaller moped after taking a safety class. If you want any more ccs, you need a motrocycle liscence, wich requires you to be at least sixteen years of age.

Can you put any carb on a 50cc mini bike?

no, it has to have the right diameters for the intake and air filer, also has to have the correct jet and throttle linkage

Where can you find a wiring diagram of a 1986 Honda spree NQ50 moped?

You can try to ask for this at any authorized Honda bike dealership. They will point you in the right direction.

How fast will a 150 cc moped go?

Mopeds and scooters are two different things entirely.A two-stroke 150cc moped would have awesome acceleration and would be able to pop wheelies at almost any speed. These things don't exist. To be a moped I think the vehicle has to be 50cc or less.The four-stroke, more pedestrian scooters (like the 150cc gy6) have a maximum speed, out of the box, between 50-60 MPH.

How do you remove the choke on a 50cc scooter?

The choke is a lever on the carburettor, there is no reason to remove it, i.e. the bike wont go any faster, the choke is used when starting in the cold.

What can you ride at 16 in the UK?

At 16 you can only Ride a 50CC Moped or Scooter, this is because your CBT only covers the basics for riding a ped. Once you are 17, you can Move upto a 125cc engine, but nothing larger Once you are 18, you Can optionally take your full lisence test, wich will enable you to shift up to anything upto a 300cc bike, After you are 21, you can go to any cc engine you want, thus being a registered and expirienced bike driver.

Are there any 50cc Ducatti's?


Do you need a special license for any bike over 50cc in Illinois?

no u jus hav 2 suk my balls no u jus hav 2 suk my balls

What motorcycle cc do you need for motorcycle license in Illinois?

I think you laws are same as Indiana's Any street legal cycle with no less than 50cc. I know alot of people here use a Honda moped to take riding test.

Do you need a motorcycle endorsement to ride a 150 cc scooter in Oregon?

In Oregon any self-powered "bike" that is either powered by a 50cc (or greater) internal combustion engine OR is capable of going faster than 30 mph will require the operator to have a motorcycle endorsement. see page 1 of "2012-13 Oregon motorcycle and moped manual"

Can you drive a moped at age 14?

Yes you can drive a moped at the age of 14 years of age. 14 is the min age to drive a moped. And u are legal to drive a moped. That all depends where you live. In NC it is 16, but you don't need a license at all, not even a permit. Just be 16 years old and wear a helmet. No license, no insurance, no permit, nothing but 16 and a helmet. Not even any tags/license plates/number plates. A moped can not be more than 50cc in NC and not do more than 30mph (although most will manage 45-50mph unless restricted), is not allowed to have any external gearchange mechanism (must be auto). The rules are different for each state.

Top speed on a Yamaha raptor 50cc?

can i make a raptor 50cc any faster. can you bore cylinder out and get more power out of it

How fast can a 50cc Honda ruckus go?

any 50cc bike will go around 30mph, that's why you can ride them at aged 16 (in the UK. There are ways to increase the top speed. - Big bore kit, this comes with a piston and increases the speed (although it will raise the 50cc to what ever size you decide to buy - stroked crank, this makes the piston go back and forth further, but increases the wear on the piston.

How any ounces equal 50cc?

That depends what the media is.

How can you make 50cc dirt bike faster?

port out the cylinder head, replace the muffler, get a performance air filter, get a smaller sprocker for the rear wheel,and take off any electronics that you dont need.

Can you ride a bike on a car license?

Bicycles can be ridden in most, if not all countries without any license at all. Motorbikes can usually be ridden as long as they are at or below a maximum size (50cc is a common standard).

Any one now aboat 50cc sfx Honda scooter?

any one know aboat 50cc Honda sfx scooters on cdi ignition box