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Q: How do you describe Christmas music in words without using Christmas?
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You can describe an object without using its properties?

no you can not

Can we describe a word without using a verb?

Use and adjective

How do i get music off mac to ipadwithout using icloud?

One way to get music off your iPad without using the iCloud is using the program SharePod.

Can you make a sentence using the word cheerfully?

She danced cheerfully around the house to Christmas music .

How can you say i without using it as a capital?

If you are using it to describe values in a mathematical formula, it wouldn't be a capital.

Where can you download nightcore music without using LimeWire?

Delet this

Can anyone describe Miley Cyrus' music as being boring using a metaphor?

No that sounds impossible

How does a writer use language to describe the setting and character?

This is a rather confusing question. How would they describe anything without using language? The word "describe" means using language to tell about something.

How do you sync music onto an iPod without using itunes?


How would you describe a foot is without using numbers?

the thing at the bottom of your leg

Can you delete music from your ipod without using a computer?

No you need to use itunes for that

How do you describe a mushroom without using the word fungi or umbrella shaped cap?