How do you detect a colour xerox copy?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: How do you detect a colour xerox copy?
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What is a Xerox copy?

A "Xerox copy" is a photocopy that has been created using a copy machine that was marketed by the Xerox Corporation.

What is the difference between photocopy and xerox copy?

The term "Xerox copy" is often incorrectly used to mean the same thing as "photocopy." But "Xerox" is a proper noun and a trademark for the Xerox Corporation so "Xerox copy" actually means a copy made on a copier that carries the Xerox brand. The word "photocopy" means any copy that has been made using a photographic process and includes copies made on Xerox machines, and other copiers.

What is the palindrome for copy of?


What is another way to say xerox copy?

Since the word "Xerox" is a trademark, the preferred term is "photocopy," or simply "copy."

What is a Xerox copy called in Marathi?


How do you get 2nd puc answer sheets xerox copy?

Fee to be paid to get xerox copies of the ansser sheets

How do you get duplicate certificate of s s c of A p board with out xerox copy?

how do we get duplicate certificate of s s s board of AP without xerox copy

How do you get a copy of my twic card?

can I use a Xerox copy until I receive the replacement card

How do you change the password for sharp AR 5516 xerox machine?

The Sharpe AR 5516 is NOT a Xerox machine because it is not made or sold by the Xerox Corporation.

Is xerox an adjective?

The word "xerox" is a proper noun and a trademark. Xerox is short for the company name, Xerox Corporation, and can also used to refer to a machine made by Xerox Corporation or the product of such a machine. It is incorrect to use Xerox as a verb or as a generic term. The proper generic terms are "copy" and "photocopy."

How can you apply for duplicate SSC certificate in Andhra Pradesh as you have lost it?

I lost my ssc marks memo but there is no xerox copy of the marks memo how to get that marks memo

What is Xerox called in Marathi language?

Actually, xerox is the name of a company which manufactured photo copy machines. So, photo copy is thereafter called xerox. Anyways, in Marathi photo copy is called छायाचितà¥à¤° नकà¥à¤•à¤² (chhayachitra nakkal)