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By the serial number on your rifle.


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The serial number. If the serial is less than 2,700,000, it is a pre-1964 gun.

The easiest method is by the serial number... if it is less than 700,000, it is a pre-1964. Bert H.

In 1964 the Model 94 serial numbers were realigned up to 2700000. If its serial 2700000 or higher its post 1964

The price of your Winchester model 70 in .338Win mag caliber can only be determined if you include the serial number.This will show if you have a pre-64 model 70 Winchester,or a post 64 model 70.Please include the overall condition of your rifle to help determine the value.

If the serial number is above 92000, it was made in 1965 or later. The serial numbers run from 1 ~ 263170

I would need to know if we are talking about a pre-64 winchester model 1894,or post 64.(The serial number will determine this).I would also need to know the amount of finish remaining on the metal and wood to give you a accurate value.

sorry, no it won't. the trigger guard and floor plate, the hole spacing, the recoil lug, barrel, and several other measurements are proprietary to either post or pre 64 70s.

Price of a Winchester model 70 pre 64 in 7mm mag

Pre or Post 64? It makes a big difference.

if the serial number is below 579600 it is considered a pre'64

Is this a pre 64 or post 64. send me an email I can help

$800-$900 retail for excellent POST 1964. PRE 1964 is $200 more.

The last serial number for a pre-64 Winchester model 1894 rifle was 2,585,901.

Your pre-64 winchester model 70 was produced by winchester in 1959.

the model number and serial number will give you the information,then ask your question here and you should be able to determine if your Winchester is a pre-64.

your model 1894 Winchester was made in 1951,which would make it not a pre war model,if you are talking about WWII.

The Winchester model 69A is a pre-serial number firearm and as such does not have one.

your Winchester model 70,pre-64 was produced in 1957.

Your Winchester model 70 (pre-64) was made by Winchester in 1956.

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