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The serial number. Ruger's webiste has extensive serial number data you can pull up. Go to the product history link on that page under customer service tab.

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Request a manual from Ruger on their web site.

$100-$430 or so, depending on condition. USD - United States Dollars

No such model. There was a SP101; 100-300

100-400 USD depending on specifics

50-500 depending on EXACTLY what you have.

Ruger will tell you over the phone. If you can access the Ruger webiste, the data you want is also there.

Ruger has a sn search function on their web site.

I believe that you probably have a pre-woodsman. It would book out from $1600 in excellent condition down to $200 in poor condition.

I just purchased a stainless one with 5.5 inch barrel for $400.

100-1000 without a more detailed description.

You need to contact Ruger. You may have a prototype

Depends on EXACTLY what you have, condition, accessories, box, papers, age, etc..

Commercial sales did not start until 1949. You will need the services of a professional to see if you have a pre production 22LR. I would suggest calling Ruger.

If you are seeking date of manufacture, contact Ruger through their website. Values depend on condition- anywhere from $100-300.

Between $150 - $600, depending on the exact model.

It depends on the gun and caliber but most semi-automatic rifles such as the Ruger .22 are legal to hunt with in California.

10-1000 USD depending on specifics. You will have to call Ruger for the ship date

Go to the Ruger website, customer service, historical data, pistol, find your model, and there is a serial number/ year of production list.With the serial number that you provided,your Ruger standard model single six revolver was made in 1960.If you have a standard model automatic Mark I pistol,it was made in 1957.

Ruger is the name of the company that made the pistol. .380 ACP is the cartridge size. ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol- part of the cartridge name, as some of the first of the .380 cartridges were made for use in Colt pistols..

Depends chiefly on the NRA rating as to its condition.

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