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If it is a severe drain look to a possible bad alternator. Alternators are wired direct and can sap your battery dead very quickly. Remove the alternator power feed and as you touch it again to its attachment lug if it sparks it is probably the problem. If it is a slow drain it could be any accessory that does not need the switch to turn it on. Use the same method to hunt it down. Good luck.

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Q: How do you determine what is causing charge leakage and a flat battery when the car is not in use ie ignition is off?
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Why does auto battery leak after charging?

An auto battery could be leaking for a couple of reasons. The alternator could be overcharging the battery causing the leakage. Or the battery itself could have a short or other internal problem causing it to leak when charging.

What pulls power from a battery?

Any load connected to the battery like lights, fans etc. Apart from this there is leakage to the atmosphere and the environment. Though small this leakage over a long time will make a battery dead

What is leakage problem in battery?

1. Electrolyte leakage by corrosion of package, not good packing 2. Electricity leakage by electronic conduction through separators, intended for preventing such leakage and permit only battery outside conduction caused by protrusions that wound the separators which are very thin

How long can you store batteries?

1-2 years. If stored longer, battery leakage can occur.

What to do with a digital phone that gets hot to the touch?

Leave it alone. It probably is having a battery leakage! Contact help

What causes gears not to work in 2003 Ford Taurus sedan?

wear and tear, transmission oil leakage causing gears to freeze up/chip causing more damage etc.

What is a leakage?

The English term 'leakage' can have several meanings, including:1. an unwanted discharge of a fluid or gas from from a container which was designed not to leak;2. an unwanted leakage of electrical current from something (such as a battery) which should not normally lose any current when it is disconnected from a circuit.

What if AAA battery leakage went on the gas cooker If we use it will those fumes or gases cause any problem especially to your kids?

The specific fumes would probably depend on the type of battery. Check the battery, what materials it is made of.

What are the disadvantages of lead acid accumulator?

Possible leakage of acid due to damage or spillage.Noxious fumes given off whilst charging.Sulphation of anode and cathode causing eventual failure. Heavy weight. Charge rate and discharge rate more or less relates to battery size. Disposal of battery is very environmentally unfreindly. In vehicles spillage and fumes from venting causes long term corrosion of vehicle body around battery.

Coolant leakage from a 2001 model year 318 ci motor?

Pressure test the system to determine where leak is originating

What is economic leakage?

what is economic leakage

Stoma since colorectal cancer - and leakage - can is be anastomotic leakage?

yes anastomotic leakage

What happens when a capacitor connected across a battery for a long time?

For a long time, The capacitor will be charged to the voltage of the DC battery, the positive side of the capacitor touching the positive terminal of the battery. Not much DC current will conduct, except for some tiny leakage current due to imperfection of the cap. The battery will be drained eventually.

What is leakage in plural form?

The plural form for the noun leakage is leakages.

How do i Calculate leakage current from leakage voltage?

leakage current can be determine through the use of clampmeter or ohm-meter. leakage current can be determine through the use of clampmeter or ohm-meter. You can use Ohm's law (E=IR) to get this answer. Disconnect power to the circuit, and measure the leakage path's resistance (This is usually the rated resistance of the insulating will need a M-ohmmeter to measure insulation resistance, as it will be MUCH higher than a standard ohmmeter can measure). Then rework the formula to solve for current: I=E/R or simply: divide voltage by resistance. You can also use an inductive current clamp as mentioned above. This clamp measures electrical current by measuring the electromagnetic field strength of the current flowing through the wire.

Battery leakage in a dry cell?

Dry cell batteries will leak if left in a piece of electronic equipment for a long time. The chemicals in the battery eventually find a way to seep out of the battery case. They usually leave a white, crystallized mess behind.A quick and effective way to clean up the mess is with Windex! Don't use too much! Get an old toothbrush and spray a little Windex on it. Brush it over the leakage and you will see the white crystals disappear. Make sure you use an old cloth, paper towel, or q-tips to dry all the Windex (you don't want it running around the inside of your electronic equipment.) Once everything is dry, you should have nice shiny metal battery terminals (unless the leakage was too bad.) Put in new batteries and you should be all set as long as the leakage didn't get inside the equipment and ruin a PC board or something.

When was Strictly Leakage created?

Strictly Leakage was created in 2007.

Does broken timing belt need too be replace to determine if piston an valves are damaged?

Either that or remove the rocker arms and do a cylinder leakage test.

What is DC leakage capacitor?

when the DC current flows through the capacitor .the leakage of the charges is in capacitor called Dc leakage capacitor .

Is corrosion in a circuit result in a direct current flow?

As the circuit collects moisture and dirt leakage path are formed around the paths causing eventual circuit failures

What is seat leakage test in safety valves?

Seat leakage is defined as leakage that is internal to a valve-between the inlet and outlet sides of the valve-when the valve is in its closed position. It is not limited to leakage across the valve seat, but also encompasses all leakage across the valve trim when the valve is in the closed position. Leakage across internal trim seals, such as piston rings, and across trim-to-body seals, such as gaskets, can be counted as seat leakage. It is important to note that, while leakage through valve stem packing is of growing concern in the industry, governing industry standards address this type of leakage separately and do not consider it to be a form of seat leakage.

What is the spelling of leakage?

You have it spelled correctly. It's leakage.

Is it normal if an iPhone battery drains by itself?

Yes, all batteries will slowly discharge due to internal leakage current. This cannot be avoided, but modern batteries have far less leakage current than those from several years ago and will hold their charge far longer.

Why is your truck not firing?

The reasons that a truck doesn't start are endless, but the main causes of engine failure are oil leakage, no gas, dead spark plug, and dead battery.

What are disadvatages of zener diode?

Zener diodes have the disadvantage that the overlap of the P-doped and N-doped region is relatively large, causing leakage currents of the Zener diodes to be high.