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How do you determine what size television to buy?

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Cost. Size of the room it is going in. Smaller room will be overwhelmed with too big a unit. Size of the furnature it is going to sit in or on.

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Does Best Buy have HP LCD televisions?

Yes, the Best Buy stores carry several different brands of the HP LCD televisions. Depending on the size you want will determine the price, check out the Best Buy website to see a full list.

Is brand name enough to determine which universal remote to buy?

The brand name of the remote should not determine whether or not to buy the universal remote. The brand name of the television the remote is for should determine if the remote is purchased because the remote and television have to be compatible.

What is the biggest Pioneer TV you can buy in terms of screen size?

The biggest pioneer tv that is available for you to buy is a 60 in. This size mainly comes in the flat screen tvs. The come in hi-defention and plasma.

What factors should I take into consideration before buying a flat screen TV?

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before buying a flat screen TV. The first being room size, the distance between the viewer and the television will determine the size of the televison you want to purchase. The second will be what you are going to be doing with the television, this will determine what video source resolution you are going to want to purchase. The lighting of the room and the seating arraignment is also nesscary to determine what type of screen you are going to want to buy.

What size screens are available in LCD tvs from Sanyo?

Sanyo has a number of screen sizes for their LCD tvs. Sanyo LCD's range in size from their compact 18" HDTV to their 55" HDTV. Of course, the size of your room should determine the size of the TV you get. You don't want the TV to overpower the room.

What do you buy based on its size?

A flatpanel television set. Namely the LX900 from Sony.

How many amps to run a television?

The size of a television helps determine how many amps it takes to run the device. The amps will vary depending on the type of television as well as the size. Older televisions that are not LCD will use different amps than the LCD models.

What LCD tv should you buy?

You should buy the LCD TV that fits your budget and size requirement. Once you have made those two determinations you will have narrowed your list down to a manageable size. Then start looking at the features each model has to offer and you will soon have your LCD TV.


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Where can one buy a Samsung 50 inch Plasma TV?

It is possible to find this brand and size of television at a number of online stores and retail locations. Best Buy and the official Samsung website are great resources for those looking to buy this TV.

Who sells the best 17 inch LCD TVs?

Amazon has the best online selection of electronics and televisions, especially since 17 inch LCD televisions are not a common size. Best Buy may have televisions in this size for sale as a part of their small television section.

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What is the largest size brackets available for televisions?

There are mounting brackets available for almost every size of flat panel tv monitors available. At one can buy a bracket that will accomodate up to an 84" flat panel tv.

Samsung Smart TV?

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How does size determine structure in organizational design?

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Does height or weight determine a womans vagina size?

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Where can I buy a 50 inch LED TV?

You can purchase a LED TV that is 50 inches at Best Buy, Amazon, EBay, and http://www. Make sure you have the room and the equipment to handle this size.

What is the price range for plazma televisions?

The cost of a plasma television varies depending on the size and brand of television you want. A smaller 42 inch television is as low as $420 on Best Buy right now.

How much does a TV cost at Best Buy?

'Best Buy' offers different prices for various televisions. The prices vary due to difference in size, quality or brand. A 32 inch LED Samsung TV at 'Best Buy' costs $379.99 while a an 'Insignia' brand costs $229.99.

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Where can one purchase a 22 inch TV?

Twenty-two inch televisions can be purchased in a variety of locations both online and offline. One place to buy a television of that size is Walmart.

What am I sacrificing if I buy the cheapest LCD TV?

One of the biggest differences between the cheap and the expensive TVs is the size of the TV. More expensive TVs tend to be much larger, but some people aren't affected by that.

What type of LCD stands can you buy for a TV?

There are several types of LCD stands one can buy for a TV, but first one must know the size of their television. There are wall mount brackets that are sold that can have the television flat against the wall as well as ones that the television is away from the wall and can swivel around. There are also floor mounts for LCD televisions.

What size flat screen tv fits in 36 inch space?

In order to determine which size flat screen TV fits, the space needs to be measured using a measuring tape. Most 36 inch spaces need televisions that are a few inches smaller in order to ensure they fit properly.