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The proper suction pressure of any air conditioning or refrigeration system is determined by the type of refrigerant used and sometimes the amount of charge. : Suction pressure used is also directly related to the temperature required. : The temperature required in the evaporator relates to the pressure required in the suction line since, the fluid is at saturation in the evaporator. : Knowing the temperature required, use the fluid's saturation tables to find the corresponding pressure required.

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Q: How do you determine what suction pressure should be in R22 air conditioning compressors suction line?
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Does low suction pressure have an effect on reciprocating compressors?

At very low suction pressure, the suction valves of reciprocating compressor will not work and there will be no gas in the cylinder during compression stroke, resulting some damage to the suction valves. If low suction pressure trip protection is not provided there can be some abnormal damage.

How do you determine what suction pressure should be in R410a air conditioning compressor suction line?

Read the charging chart specific to the unit. Not all 410A machines will operate at identical pressures in identical conditions.

What happening when you are overcharging an air conditioning with freon?

discharge pressure is high, suction pressure is high superheat is low and subcooling is high.

How do you calculate suction pressure for air theoretically?

Air has a pressure, but not a suction pressure. Air pressure is measured with a barometer, you do not calculate it. Suction pressure is a concept which applies to a pump. Suction pressure = static pressure + surface pressure - vapour pressure - friction pressure.

HOW TO OPERAte a screw compressor and reciprocating compressors in series?

Your reciprocating compressors have to be the booster compressors (if running on low temp system)feeding its discharge to the suction of the screw(not directly)(if running on medium temp.

When an evaporater experiences a heat-load increase the suction pressure does what?

The suction pressure increase.

What causes suction?

Suction is caused by an are of negative pressure.

Where is the low port on a 1987 Volvo 240 DL air conditioning system?

The low pressure port (Suction) and the high pressure port (Discharge) are both located on the back side of the compressor.

What is the science behind suction?

Suction is the reduction of pressure to create a force. In the instance of liquid, suction will cause the liquid to transfer from an area of higher pressure to the area of lower pressure.

What is the fan speed relationship to suction pressure?

for a given air conditioner: the faster the condenser (outdoor) fan the lower the suction pressure. the faster the evaporator (indoor) fan the higher the suction pressure.

Fan vs blower what difference?

Fans, blowers and compressors are differentiated by the method used to move the air, and by the system pressure they must operate against. As per American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) the specific ratio - the ratio of the discharge pressure over the suction pressure is used for defining the fans, blowers and compressors. Equipment /Specific Ratio /Pressure rise (mmWg) Fans /Up to 1.11 /1136 Blowers /1.11 to 1.20 /1136 2066 Compressors /more than 1.20 /

What is suction pressure and discharge pressure?

Answer: The terms suction and discharge are the terms refer to hydraulics. In hydraulics if the the liquid has to be lifted or pumped to the usage area the hydraulic pump will be used . This pump will have to functions that is first suction to lift the fluid and the discharge or delivery . The familiar words in pair are lift and discharge; suction and discharge. The specification of pump for these terms are suction head and discharge head.AnswerThe suction pressure refers to the pressure of the referigerant being "sucked" back into the compressor. The suction pressure is a critical variable in ensuring the accuracy of the refrigerant charge, along with the tepmerature of that line as well. The "superheat", or heat added to the vapor in that line can be monitored in this manner.You have not mention which suction pressure... Actually Where ever the suction is presented that pressure is called suction pressure.... and suction pressure in practical cases normally always less that atmospheric pressure and in case of delivery pressure it is oppositeSaying that suction pressure is " the pressure of the referigerant being "sucked" back into the compressor " is not accurate.Simply , the suction pressure of a pump is the absolute pressure of a fluid , measured at the inlet of the pump ( in your answer , the pump is the compressor , and the fluid is whatever refrigerant. )The discharge pressure , is the absolute pressure of the liquid measured at the outlet of the pump.Obviously, the discharge pressure is usually bigger than suction pressure.

How determine normal suction pressure in ac unit?

You need a chart which identified the relationship between the ambient air temperature and the pressure, as well as a manifold gauge set.

Where is the location of the low pressure suction side on the air conditioning system on a 1992 Toyota Camry?

Right side engine compartment near firewall. hope this helps.

Where is the low pressure port for air conditioning on a 1997 Saturn SC2?

The low side port is at the end of the suction hose on the aluminum located where the end bolts up.......

How do you tell the suction line in central air conditioning from the high side line?

The suction line will be the larger line going into the compressor.

What will cause the suction pressure to rise?

head pressure

What is negative suction?


Why are intake ports on low- and medium- temperature compressors larger in size than intahe ports on air conditioning compressors?

To begin with the suction line is always larger than the discharge so it can facilitate the movement of the required volume of vapor, which because it is at a lower pressure is less dense so it needs more area (larger pipe). In a low or medium temp refrigeration system the suction pressure is lower still, so the gas is even less dense, thus even more area (larger pipe) is required. Additionally, as the design operating temp of the system is lowered so is the rated tonnage. Therefore a 20 ton freezer system will be physically larger than a 20 ton AC system.

What is suction and discharge head?

These are terms used by refrigeration and air conditioning techs. The suction is refrigerant returning to the compressor from the evaporator, or the low side. The high side is the discharge or head pressure, where high temperature high pressure gas leaves the compressor to flow into the condenser. These systems should only be worked on by licensed and experienced techs.

Is the suction line the high side?

No, the liquid (discharge) line is the high pressure side. The suction line is the low pressure side.

What is back pressure in a home ac unit?

Suction pressure

What is pressure in crankcase of reciprocating compressor?

...It will be what ever your suction pressure is.

What is the difference between centrifugal compressor and screw compressors?

The screw compressor of the air is sucked from one side of the router, the pressure is off. The centrifugal compressor air from being sucked into a duct by the duct from the outside pressure. Multi-suction centrifugal compressor impeller rotates on an axis.

Why does a suction cup stay on the window?

When you stick a suction cup on a window you force the air out of the suction cup and you create a high pressure vaccume keeping the suction cup on the window.

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