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How do you detox from alcohol?


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== == It doesn't have to be an unpleasant process, but without medical care that is guaranteed. Alcohol detox is a dangerous process that can involve extremes of blood pressure, convulsions, and death. Anti-convulsive drugs are a must, along with careful observation and support.

I AM a professional, and a former detox tech.

I'm NOT a professional but from all I've heard one really needs medical advice and often also some medical supervision. After all, you presumably don't want to end up with terrifying hallucinations ... It's not an easy thing to do depending on how long the person was an alcoholic. Please see your doctor and they will set you up in a Detox Center where there are people that will help you get through the "drying out stage." Everything will be explained to you and there are programs to attend to help you understand why you are an alcoholic (sometimes genetic, other times addictive personality or you're drowning your sorrows through the years for reasons of your own.) These groups are great because you will be amongst others with the same problem and you can relate and won't feel so alone. It would be advisable that after you finish Detox you join AA to help you stay off alcohol. If you are married, have a boyfriend/girlfriend go to Alanon which provides them with more understanding as to why alcoholics are the way they are and can help you through the rough patches.