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How do you detox from alcohol?

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== == It doesn't have to be an unpleasant process, but without medical care that is guaranteed. Alcohol detox is a dangerous process that can involve extremes of blood pressure, convulsions, and death. Anti-convulsive drugs are a must, along with careful observation and support.

I AM a professional, and a former detox tech.

I'm NOT a professional but from all I've heard one really needs medical advice and often also some medical supervision. After all, you presumably don't want to end up with terrifying hallucinations ... It's not an easy thing to do depending on how long the person was an alcoholic. Please see your doctor and they will set you up in a Detox Center where there are people that will help you get through the "drying out stage." Everything will be explained to you and there are programs to attend to help you understand why you are an alcoholic (sometimes genetic, other times addictive personality or you're drowning your sorrows through the years for reasons of your own.) These groups are great because you will be amongst others with the same problem and you can relate and won't feel so alone. It would be advisable that after you finish Detox you join AA to help you stay off alcohol. If you are married, have a boyfriend/girlfriend go to Alanon which provides them with more understanding as to why alcoholics are the way they are and can help you through the rough patches.

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Where can you purchase alcohol detox products in stores?

Alcohol detox products have not been shown to be effective.

How do you detox alcohol quickly?

You cannot detox alcohol quicker than your body normally processes it.

What is the purpose of alcohol detox programs?

Alcohol Detox programs are for Alcoholics. It is the abrupt end of alcohol consumption along with the substitution of cross-tolerant drugs that have similar effects to the effects of alcohol. This is the prevent Alcohol Withdrawal.

What does detox mean?

Detox is short for detoxification, the process of getting drugs and/or alcohol out of the body.

Which drugs can kill during detox?


Do detox drinks assist in passing an ETG alcohol test?

Detox drinks may assist you in passing an ETG alcohol test. It will depend on the last time you drank, how much you drank, and how many detox drinks that you consume.

Best way to self detox from alcohol?

Alcoholics may need to detox under medical supervision.

How can one perform an alcohol detox at home?

One can perform an alcohol detox at home by agreeing for counselling as well as aftercare. Alcohol detox at home can take as long as one week or more. It all depends on individuals and the level of alcohol addiction. The treatment should always be performed due to medical advice and in the presence of medical professionals.

Where can you find an alcohol detox program in Los Angeles California?

There are many alcohol detox programs available in Los Angeles, California. These include Brothman Hospital and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Can you drink alcohol while on the Lemon Detox Diet?

no you cant

What is the definition of detox?

To be cleansed of something, usually drugs or alcohol.

Does alcohol affect the detox of marijuana?

Neither one way nor the other. A person who can't take the reality after they detox from boo might turn to alcohol as another escape route.

If you were going through alcohol detox will you see visions?

You can see visions, and detoxing from alcohol can make you sick.

Shakes from alcohol?

dont go to a detox unless they will taper you off ur detox meds. i went to detox.....and i feel worse. dont detox w/out a plan. docs arent helping me much...left me cold with no taper

Does alcohol detox cause tiredness?

Yes it does cause tiredness and fatigue.

How much alcohol should an alcoholic drink when detoxing?

If someone is in detox, the whole idea is to avoid ALL alcohol.

How do you self-detox from alcohol?

We cannot recommend self-detox from alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous, with a high possibility of seizures, psychotic episodes, and blood pressure spikes that can cause strokes. We recommend a medical detox for alcohol and all benzodiazepine drugs. If you are determined to do it on your own, make sure you have someone you can trust who is with you at all times. First, get all alcohol out of your home, except for a small amount (two or three shots equivalent) that will be held by your companion. They should check your blood pressure and monitor your behavior. If either becomes abnormal, they should give you a drink and get you to an emergency room or detox facility immediately. A full detox will take about four days. If you have been taking any benzos, do not even consider a home detox.

Can you die from detoxing from alcohol?

definately. Alcohol is physically addicting, and the body suffers greatly during withdrawal. that is why a detox from alcohol should be medically supervised.

What to do for someone who is detoxing from alcohol?

Get them to a medical facility. Alcohol detox can be life-threatening due to blood pressure spikes and seizures.

Can taking a liver detox pill help rid your body of alcohol?


Can drinking alcohol help detox marijuana?

yes! white boy wasted

Is there an over the counter drug to help detox from alcohol?

No. Alcohol detox can be fatal, and should be medically supervised in a clinical setting. High blood pressure and seizures are common, especially in people who have been abusing tranquilizers as well.

What is the alcohol detox use for?

Alcohol detox is used to treat people suffering from alcohol dependence. Generally, it is used to treat people who cannot fight their addiction on their own. A staff will help a patient handle their withdrawal symptoms and attempt to fix the issues that caused the dependence in the first place.

How long does it take to detox alcohol?

it takes about 30 seconds until it reaches your brain

Does total eclipse rely detox work?

Total Eclipse Rely Detox from GNC stores do not work. They will definitely cleanse out your system, but will not rid it of drugs and alcohol use.