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Under your dash behind the ashtray is a silver box w/ 2 harnesses. one is the radio the other is the cassette. turn on the radio and diconnect one at a time. this will let you know wich one is the deck. it has labeled speaker down the side. SCRAP that joker. put in a after market. you can get a harness, dash kit and deck at w\mart. bout $150.. looks great and easy for a novice. contact me w/ any ?'s.. good luck.......

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โˆ™ 2005-10-06 02:53:40
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Q: How do you disable a Delco cassette player in a 1988 Silverado?
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What brand is the radio cassette player in your 1997 Buick century?

If it was factory... it is a Delco.

Where can you get the wiring diagram for a 1991 Chevrolet S10 Delco radio with cassette player?


Auto reverse on Delco Cassette Player wont disengage keeps looping?

If auto reverse is stuck on a Delco Cassette Player, let the tape play until it is almost, but not quite to the end. Stop the tape and then rewind it. This should take care of the auto reverse mechanism.

What is the original radio and speakers in a 1979 Pontiac firebird trans am?

Push button AM/Fm Delco. Might have a cassette player.

Why does the radio not turn off on a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue?

Button broken? Original Delco stereos notorious for unreliability. I put a Sony system in my Intrigue when the Delco cassette player crapped out a few years ago.

Who makes the original spark-plug wires for a 2000 Chevy silverado 4.3 v6?

a/c delco a/c delco a/c delco

2005 silverado radio?

I want to bench test a 2005 Delco radio from my Silverado but can not find the pin out for the radio.

What oil filter do you use on a 2007 Chevy silverado 4X4?

a/c delco filter is the best.

What oil weight for 2005 silverado?

Factory says to use 5W30 and A/C Delco oil filter.

What kind of oil filter for a 2001 Silverado?

A/C DELCO is the best oil filter, That is what the factory uses.

What brand distributor cap should you use on your 96 silverado?

A/C Delco only, are you will have troubles again soon.

What type of oil 2004 silverado 5.3?

5W30 with a A/C delco oil filter. Kendell and gastrol is a good brand of oil.

How do you change the fuel pump in 2002 Chevy silverado pick up?

I have a 2003 Chevrolet silverado 6.0 4x4 crew cab and I need to change the fuel pump, all I am requesting is for the delco# or thegm part #

How can you get a Delco radio antitheft unlock code for 2000 Chevrolet Silverado for free or does anyone have it?

AnswerTry Code 0000 this is the stock code unless someone changed it

What is the best oilfilter to use for a 2000 Chevy Silverado 2500?

A/C Delco would be the best, but Purolator, Wix, and Bosch also make excellent filters.

What is the ac delco filter for a fram ph1060?

Never heard of a Fram ph1060 and Fram does not list it. =========================== 2500 Silverado 6.0L WIX 51522 Oil Filter

What are the best plugs and wires for a 2000 4.8 silverado?

GM. FACTORY parts are the best, thay may cost a little more but will last a lot longer. AC DELCO Parts.

How tall is Leighanne Delco?

Leighanne Delco is 150 cm.

What does purolator L25288 cross reference to ac delco?

pf59 AC Delco

Ac delco amfm CD player says error when insert CD?

Try a head cleaner disc

Can non GM made spark plugs decrease gas mileage in a 2000 Chevy Silverado?

Not necessarily. The wrong heat range plug can decrease mileage. As the AC/Delco is a excellent plug, I would just install the OEM GM plug. I would also use OEM filters as the AC/Delco oil filter is top rated.

What type of oil filter do you need for a 1992 silverado 5.7 engine?

I recommend you use an AC/Delco filter. It is one of the best filters made today, and it is designed for your Chevy. You cannot use any better.

What is a AC-Delco battery?

AC delco is just a brand, nothing more.

What does the fram filter ph9837 cross up to in ac delco?

Use a Ac/Delco PF61

When was Delco Mihajlov born?

Delco Mihajlov was born on November 27, 1947, in Skopje, Macedonia.